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TV Review: Teen Wolf: More Bad Than Good(3.14)

                                      Teen Wolf: More Bad Than Good(3.14)Review
  • I'm curious if the people torturing Derek and Peter for information about the she-wolf if they were talking about Cora or possibly Malia or someone else we've never heard about.
  • I liked how at the beginning of the episode that Scott and Stiles nearly run into each other because they had both found some new information about Malia.
  • I liked how Scott and Stiles explained to the Sheriff why Malia is trapped in a coyote's body for the past eight years and I was a bit sad that the Sheriff seemed to almost go back to not believing them.
  • I disliked how Agent McCall showed up at the crime scene and brought Mr. Tate who it was clearly a bad idea to bring down there since he was clearly too emotional and not exactly mental stable.
  • I liked that Scott and Stiles informed Alison of what they found in regards to Malia and that she had some interesting information about coyotes to share.
  • I liked how Kira had spent hours doing research for Scott and I like that Scott told her that she really didn't need to have done that. I felt bad for Kira when her dad embarrassed her yet again.
  • I felt so bad for Stiles when he had to read in front of the class but then the words started raining down until they disappeared entirely and then he started to have a panic attack.
  • I liked how Scott got Stiles out of the class room and calmed Stiles down by asking him how to tell if something is real or in a dream by counting fingers. I really loved seeing Scott calm Stiles down and be there for him because while I always knew he would be we don't actually get to see it very often.
  • I liked that Scott tells Stiles that he'll be okay and that Stiles ask Scott if he'll be okay.
  • I really liked how after Stiles pointed out that him, Scott and Alison are in no position to help anyone that Scott told him that they can they can always try which I really love because that pretty much summarizes the show for me they always try to help people and save lives even though they are usually way over their heads and I love that they always try. 
  • I like that Kira planned to make friends with Scott and Stiles by returning their bags to them but I feel bad for her because it led to her almost being mauled by Malia.
  • I like that Stiles asked his dad if he was starting to not believe again because he had to keep telling his dad that it's Malia that they will be putting down not just some animal.
  • I like that Scott still had complete faith in Alison that she'll be an excellent shot even though recently she's been having trouble with that.
  • I like that Stiles kept pointing out that Isaac just being negative wasn't really helping anyone but I also thought Isaac brought up a good point about them having no idea how to turn Malia back into a girl when she hasn't been one in over eight years.
  • I hate the alpha twins more than I did before because they just started beating the crap out of Scott for along time before than he even gave him any advice so it wasn't even helpful and I just don't trust them.
  • I like that Lydia couldn't stand to watch the twins beat the crap out of Scott and leaned into Stiles shoulder to hide her eyes.
  • I'm super happy that Braeden the girl that saved Isaac is still alive because I really loved her in that one episode she appeared in so I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.
  • I found the scene where Alison hallucinated that her aunt and some other people where removing her organs and talking about her as if she was dead before all them started to try to eat her to be extremely creepy.
  • I liked how Alison is worried about if she'll be able to help anyone when she like how she is now and than Isaac steadies her hand and tells her to let him help her, they had some nice scenes this episode.
  • I liked how Mr. Tate setting up a bunch of traps through out the woods was something that created another believable obstacle.
  • I liked Stiles with the help of Lydia was able to figure out that the doll meant so much to Malia because the doll was like flowers left at a grave for her little sister that died and she wants to return them.
  • I like that when Isaac got stuck in a trap and let out a yell of pain that Scott was able to hear him even though he was far away.
  • I like that after Isaac helped calm her down that Alison was able to fire the shot and prevent Mr. Tate from killing his own daughter.
  • I liked that when Lydia stepped on a trap and after she told Stiles where the instruction where and Stiles told her that he couldn't read that Lydia told him that he doesn't need them because he is too smart and always figures everything out, I just love how highly that means she thinks of him and how she has complete faith that he will figure things out that she would encourage him to do something while at risk of loosing a leg.
  • I love the moment after Lydia steps out of the trap and she almost falls over that Stiles holds her in his arms and they share a longing look with each other.
  • I love that Scott was able to get Malia to come back to human form without loosing control himself.
  • I like that for a brief moment at the end of the episode that Stiles was able to read as well, I just enjoyed them all being able to at least briefly overcome the whole loosing their minds thing.
  • I like that it seems like the Sheriff will be able to keep his job for the time being since he was able to return Malia alive to her father.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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