Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: But It's Legacy Continues to Spread(2.21)

                       Chihayafuru 2: But It's Legacy Continues to Spread(2.21)Review
This episode starts off where the last one ends with Chihaya realizing that she can't seem to move her left hand like she does her right one. Chihaya soon finds a way in which she can attack the cards on her opponents side and was pretty good at taking any card which her opponent covered but is unable to figure out how to take cards from her own side. Chihaya starts to think about how right handed players only know how to play other right handed players and that playing left hand was whole new way to look at karuta but sadly this didn't stop her from being down by ten cards.

In the meantime both Arata and Shinobu had finished their matches rather quickly and Arata stays behind to watch Chihaya's match and notices that she's injured and is playing her left hand and he thinks that there isn't a way for her to win this match. Chihaya after seeing her cards from the opponent's side realizes that she can take cards from her own side if she merely mirrors her usual motions so she moves all her cards around which is a bit frowned upon but her opponent allows because Chihaya's injury is a bigger handicap than having to rememorize a bunch of cards. Chihaya is able to play with her left hand the way she usually does which leads Arata to think that playing karuta with Chihaya must be fun, in the end Chihaya wins her match.

Nishida in his second match has to play against Arata which is something that is distressing for him since he hates to play against players as strong as Arata. Nishida tries his best and Arata is impressed by how he can see the teachings of his coach in the way he plays and that he's still playing his heart out after playing so hard in the team matches the day before. Nishida says that everyone else on his team plays much harder than him and reveals through his thoughts that he dislikes playing strong players because they make him want to be better.

Chihaya ended up winning her second match but for her third match she is up against Shinobu and it looks like Chihaya is planning to use both her hands against her. I overall really loved this episode, please tell me your thoughts on it.

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