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TV Review: Revenge: Hatred(3.13)

                                                 Revenge: Hatred(3.13)Review
  • I liked how when Emily stitches needed to be redone that instead of getting new ones she had Niko burn her wound shut and refused to bit done on anything while getting it done. I also liked that Emily thanked Niko for setting her back on track.
  • I like that when Nolan went over to Patrick to give him the information that Victoria was hiding from him in order to hurt their relationship that it was so clear that Nolan was done with Patrick and didn't even want listen to him say he was sorry.
  • I like that when Margaux saw that someone tampered with her writings in her magazine she went straight back to her office to find out who was responsible for the misprint and she planned to make them pay for their mistake.
  • I liked how Conrad offered to be an ally to Emily if she ever wants help in destroying Daniel.
  • I like how Emily remained determined to keep up the appearance that she loves Daniel even though pretty much everyone knows that's a lie. I like that when Daniel thought that seeing him in bed with Sara would be something that would make Emily want to leave but it actually all it did was make Emily set her sights on Sara.
  • I like that in the scene where Emily tells Sara that she should leave because she doesn't belong here that she lets Sara draw her own conclusions about what she means which Sara thought it meant she was trash and Emily let her.
  • I like that Nolan was clearly not okay with Aiden allowing Niko to stay with him at his house and that Nolan in general wanted Aiden out of his home. I don't really have a problem with Niko deciding to move in with Aiden because who would want to live in the place where their dad was murdered.
  • I like that Victoria warned Daniel to be careful while messing with Emily because she can see that Emily is playing mind games with him and she is far better at it than Daniel.
  • I like that Emily went out and bought a ton of things with the Grayson's money just to piss Daniel off.
  • I thought it was very cruel of Daniel to fire all of the household staff just because he was mad that Emily was able to get one or two of them to gossip a bit, I liked that Emily decided to pay back the staff with her own money. Although I did love that Emily just kept creepily proclaiming that she loves Daniel.
  • I like that Nolan went to check up on Emily and I really just loved that they were both clearly so happy to see each other. I'm glad that he told Emily about the Niko and Aiden thing.
  • I found the whole thing with Emily loosing time and I'm not really sure about what's going on there and it just things felt really off in those scenes probably because there were only to scenes of that and there wasn't anything explained about it.
  • I did like that Emily seemed to clearly not want to be around Aiden and that she seemed very pissed at him about his thing with Niko.
  • I found the story of how Victoria was raped by Patrick's father a man that she had seen as a big brother figure before the incident to be very heartbreaking and while I don't think Victoria's awful past justify the bad things she has done I can't help but feel really bad for her especially the younger version.
  • I like how Niko was able to figure out that her father was killed with his own weapon and that Nolan was pretty freaked out by her when she was practicing removing flesh from bone.
  • I love that when it became clear to Margaux that Conrad wouldn't stop trying to destroy her magazine until Daniel was out of it that she fired Daniel without hesitation.
  • I liked how Emily brought Sara's mother over to put an end to Daniel and Sara's relationship and I like how Sara's mom told Sara what a mistake she was making and that this wasn't the type of person that Sara is, I like that although Sara didn't leave with her mother that by destroying Sara and her mother's relationship she did make Sara see how serious she was and Sara decided to leave and end her relationship with Daniel by the end of the episode.
  • I like that Jack and Margaux are planning to move into together even though it does feel a bit fast a really like those two together.
  • I like that despite Aiden's attempts to hide the truth from Niko that she was able to find her father's sword under his bed and I hope that means she knows that he's the killer and that she will kill him to exact vengeance.
  • I found the whole thing with Emily waking up in Conrad's bed to be really confusing and since she was wearing flannel pajamas I hope that means they didn't sleep together because I'm all for them scheming together but I don't want anything romantic between them.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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