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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Galvanize(3.15)

                                                  Teen Wolf: Galvanize(3.15)Review
  • I found the serial killer William Barron who killed children with glowing eyes to be very creepy and the whole thing with him needing surgery made it pretty obvious that he was going to escape.
  • I really like that Stiles called up Scott to help him prank the Coach because it was mischief night(the night before Halloween), I really loved this because it showed that they were in a good enough place mentally to be doing fun things like this and they haven't been in a good place at all before this episode.
  • I loved that when Ethan and Aiden went up to Scott and tried to convince them to let him join his pack that both Stiles and Isaac brought up the fact that they both neither trust or like them and they murder Boyd and I love that Scott told them that he doesn't them either so they can't join their pack.
  • While I hate the idea of Ethan and Aiden coming back to school because I don't care for either of them but I did like that Ethan refused to take math again because no one likes math.
  • I liked how in order to motivate Scott to ask Kira out that Stiles called him the hot girl and that Isaac came in half way through the conversation and also agreed that Scott was the hot girl and that it worked to motivate him, I found the scene really funny.
  • I found it really freaky that Barron was able to wake up in the middle of his surgery and escape the hospital and of course that there were flies in his stomach.
  • I like that it was made clear that Lydia and Aiden aren't really together and that well their relationship is still completely based on lust I still dislike but the lack of any meaningful connection between the two of them makes me feel less threatened.
  • I found how Lydia thought that she heard fly noises in during class was a good way to show that she is sensing something without revealing too much at once.
  • I liked that when it was clear that Barron was headed to the high school that the Sheriff told Stiles about how Barron killed teenagers with glowing eyes, I just enjoy everyone keeping everyone inform about everything this season.
  • I find it sad that Kira eats lunch with her dad in his classroom and that she just doesn't seem able to make friends with anyone in Beacon Hills.
  • I like how Stiles and Lydia came to Scott and told him about Barron being in the school and about who he kills. I like that Lydia realize that the reason she could hear the buzzing in her head earlier and why it getting louder is because she can sense Barron.
  • I liked how when the police where going to leave the school because the eye witness reports that place Barron elsewhere that Lydia told Stiles that they can't leave because she was still sure Barron was there and that Stiles then goes to try and convince his dad.
  • I like that although it's clear that the more the sheriff learns about the supernatural it just seems even less believable but I like that he told Stiles that he wasn't leaving because didn't believe him just that he had to trust the more reliable evidence.
  • I like that Scott's mom brought him Barron's clothes so that he could track him and I like that she warned him about how dangerous he is and I like that Scott kissed his mom's forehead before she left after he promised to be careful.
  • I like that although Scott let the twins help him that he said that he still isn't letting them join the pack.
  • I like that Isaac said that he doesn't like the twins actually he hates them and wish they were dead, I think he has good reason to feel this way and I agree with him.
  • I like that before Alison snuck out of school while it was in lock down in order to look through the beastiary that Lydia reminded her what the archaic Latin word for fly was.
  • I liked how after searching for awhile that Lydia and Stiles comes to the conclusion that Barron might ended up making the school explode due to his background with engineering and decide that they have to get everyone out of the school.
  • I liked how Stiles pulled the fire alarm to get everyone out of the school but I'm sad he got detention for it.
  • I like that there was a brief moment where Stiles and Lydia held hands.
  • I liked how Mr. Yukimura invited Scott over for dinner in order to than him for saving Kira from a coyote although I think he may be trying to get Kira to make a friend as well.
  • I liked how Alison had put stuff that electrocutes someone on her windows and that she laughed when she heard Isaac being shocked by them.
  • I liked how Isaac came over to help Alison with research even though he couldn't archaic Latin so he says that he'll just look at pictures.
  • I liked how Scott had a pretty awkward time trying to eat sushi for the first time and I like that Kira helped him with his chop sticks. I also found it funny that they were actually suppose to have lasagna but Mr. Yukimura wanted to impress Scott.
  • I thought it was sweet that Mr. Yukimura actually took his wife's last name because she was the last one in her family.
  • I'm curious about Kira's mother lineage because Kira really seemed to not want anyone to know about it.
  • I liked how Lydia asked Stiles about what the strings on his board of evidence on the wall in his room meant and that Stiles explained what all the different colors of strings meant.
  • I liked how Lydia felt bad that Stiles got detention because of her because she couldn't even prove that Barron was at the school and whether there was any reason for them to need to empty the school out.
  • I loved that Stiles reassured Lydia when she was doubting herself and told her that he was sure that she was right about Barron being at the school and that he would search the school all night to find evidence to prove this. I just really love how much Stiles trust Lydia's abilities and how he comforts her and think they might have held hands again briefly in this scene.
  • I like that Stiles and Lydia did end up going to the school again because Stiles figured out that Barron was using chemicals to mask his scent and that Lydia figured this out quickly once they got there.
  • I like that Lydia saw that Barron wrote three elements numbers on the broad and by using there symbol she was able to figure out that he was after Kira.
  • I liked how Alison and Isaac had an almost kiss that turned pretty awkward when her dad walked in and was very angry that Alison might date yet another werewolf.
  • I liked how after a sushi dinner that Kira got some pizza for her and Scott and I like that those two had nice not quite a date with each other. I'm really enjoying those two together so far.
  • I was worried for Kira when Barron had taken her after he knocked Scott out.
  • I liked how when Lydia could no longer sense Barron and was feeling so frustrated that she wanted to scream that Stiles told her to do just that and afterwards she was able to figure out where Kira was.
  • I liked that Scott did his best to try to save Kira and even almost tried to get Barron to go after him instead.
  • I'm really curious about what Kira is since she was able to suck up all of the electricity in the surrounding area instead of being electrocuted by it.
  • Also Derek communicated with his mother for someone reason and I don't what he found out.
  • I'm worried for Isaac because he's trapped in a room with a bunch of guys with creepy masks and cloaks.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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