Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: Of the Autumn Rice Fields(2.20)

                               Chihayafuru 2: Of the Autumn Rice Fileds(2.20)Review
This episode starts off with the karuta team accepting their trophy for winning the team tournament but since the individual tournament is the next day Chihaya starts to worry about her finger's injury she got during the last match. Chihaya goes to an emergency clinic and she is advise that she shouldn't play in the tournament but she decides that she has to play and comes up with the idea to just play using her left hand instead of her injured right one. Chihaya when she starts actually playing the match she realizes she can't seem to make her left hand move the way she usually goes her right.

The night before the individual tournament Arata briefly meets up with Taichi and tells him that he can't think of himself being apart of any team other than one with Chihaya and Taichi and that he's looking into going to college in Tokyo. Taichi says pretty much to himself that Arata is his enemy(which seems a bit strong of a word for him to use I think rival better defines how he sees him) because of the whole thing with Chihaya and karuta.

This episode is really just set up to the start of the individual tournament which it does a very good job at making me excited for the tournament. There was also a scene where Chihaya accidently goes to Taichi's room and finds him sleeping and she decides to sleep in their as well even though she could have just left and went to her own room. Also Shinobu wants to win all of her matches in order to prove that team matches are a waste of time. Overall I really love this episode and I would really love for you to tell me your thoughts on it.

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