Friday, January 24, 2014

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: Long Last We Meet(2.22)

                                       Chihayafuru 2: Long Last We Meet(2.22)Review
This episode starts off where the last one ends with Chihaya preparing for her match against Shinobu and when the match starts off Chihaya isn't doing well at all but she does seem to know a lot about Shinobu's playing style and would probably be able to have done a lot better in the match if she wasn't injured. Chihaya was able to take one of the cards on her own side and awhile after that she realized that the tape on her finger was too heavy and slowing her down so she took it off.

Soon after taking off her tape Chihaya was able to take Shinobu's favorite card although after that Shinobu went back to dominating the match but Chihaya never stopped trying. Shinobu remembers when she was young and first went to karuta society how she played with a girl her own age and seemed to develop a bit of friendship with but her coach thought that it was bad for her to play with people her own age because she would go easy on them and that would make her a weak player so the friendship ended shortly after it began.

In the end Shinobu won the match by 23 cards and Shinobu at first thinks that since Chihaya was injured maybe she should have let her take some cards but then Chihaya comes up to her and thanks her for not going easy on her. Shinobu then goes back to think of Chihaya as a rival and is made at herself for letting her take even two cards from her especially when she was injured.

Also in this episode Sumire makes it to the third round in the Class D matches only to be defeated there but Tsukuba actually ends up making it to the semifinal although after Sumire hears that Taichi also is still in the game for Class B she decides to go watch his match instead. I really enjoyed this episode and I would like to hear your thoughts on it as well.

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