Monday, February 3, 2014

Book Review: An Abundance of Katherines

                                              An Abundance of Katherines Review
An Abundance of Katherines by John Green is about a recent high school graduate named Colin Singleton who has dated and been dumped by 19 girls with the first name of Katherine all spelt exactly the same way and all going by their full names. After being dumped by Katherine-19 Colin is very upset and can't think of anything but winning her back some how even though it's pretty clear that she's just not interested in being Colin's girlfriend anymore. Colin is also a former child prodigy and is very distressed by the fact that he may in fact grow up to be someone average rather than the genius him and his parents always hoped that he would be. Colin decides that the way to get Katherine-19 back and prove to himself that he's a genius is to come up with a math formula that can predict who and when will end any relationship between any two people.

Colin ends up being convinced by his best and only friend Hassan to go on a road trip with him in order to get his mind off of Katherine-19 and to have some fun but soon after their trip begins they end up staying in Gutshot, Tennessee where after visiting the grave of Archduke Franz Ferdinand they end up meeting a girl named Lindsey who's mother ends up offering Colin and Hassan a job and a place to stay for the summer.

Colin and Hassan end up interviewing the residents of Gutshot about why they love their town as their job and they end up spending quite a bit of time with Lindsey. Lindsey is a girl who is now fairly popular but was once very unpopular with a weird sense of style but she changed that in high school and is now dating the quarterback who turned out to be a jerk but she ends up realizing that since she's pretty fake now a days their relationship didn't mean as much as it should've.

This book had a really fun writing style like all of the John Green books I have read and I really enjoyed the footnotes in the book they gave a lot of interesting information without stopping the flow of the story to fact drop. I really enjoyed the characters Colin was clearly a difficult person to be around but I still enjoyed him because he had obvious insecurities and was really very smart, I liked Hassan because he was just a very likable guy and I liked Lindsey quite a bit as well even though I felt a bit less connected with her. I overall love this book please tell me what you thought about this book as well.

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