Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: When I Must Hide..(2.24)

                               Chihayafuru: When I Must Hide..(2.24)Review
In this episode Chihaya expresses some doubts about watching Shinobu and Arata's match and did at first consider watching Tsutomu's match instead since he made it to the Class C finals(Tsukuba had made it to the Class D finals although no one noticed this until the match started) but in the end she was encouraged by the rest of the team to watch Shinobu and Arata's match. Chihaya notes right away when she walks into the room that the atmosphere in the room is much different than it usually is when these two are playing matches and is surprised at how close the match is and that Shinobu was loosing.

It's noted that Arata's game seems to relay more on techniques than speed like Shinobu's does although he is capable of matching her on speed as well. It's also said that one of the skills that really unnerves most of spectators that Arata has is that he's able to keep so eerily calm during matches. I really like that despite how ridiculously good at karuta Arata is now that there was a time when he wasn't great and that he actually had to work really hard to get to the place he is today that just makes him more likable than him just being naturally talented.

Shinobu notes that she isn't doing as good today as she feels she should be and she realizes this is because she chose the cards in which she could save and this leads her to realizing that she has to save all the cards if she wants to win. Shinobu is able to almost get rid of Arata's lead over her by using her speed and accuracy but in the end Arata wins the match. Arata notes at the end of the match that Shinobu has a fever and that he's impressed that she was able to make it through the whole match and Shinobu replies of course she could but she does note that she's happy that she was able to play a match where her opponent wouldn't give up and she had to play to the best of her abilities.

I overall loved this episode I really enjoyed seeing Arata and Shinobu play against each other because they're both such great players. Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

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