Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Riddled(3.18)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Riddled(3.18)Review
  • I really loved that when Scott got the phone call from Stiles and could tell right away that Stiles was in trouble that it was so clear that the thought of Stiles not being okay clearly terrified him and I liked that it seemed like Scott was on practically on the verge of having a panic attack with his worry for Stiles. On a side note very good acting from Tyler Posey in this scene.
  • I really loved and it also kind of broke my heart that Stiles begged Scott not to tell his Dad that he was missing because he feels like his dad worries about him too much already, I also kind of love that Scott reluctantly agrees to this promise simply because Stiles begged him to.
  • On a side note Dylan O'Brien's acting in this episode was phenomenal with how much emotion is was able to portray just through his voice and then also throughout the episode in general he just had so many great scenes acting wise.
  • I liked how Scott frantically called out for Isaac in order to get him to help him find Stiles and that before Scott even said anything he could tell that something really must've been happening by Scott's behavior.
  • I really didn't get why Lydia would ask Aiden to model for her because last time she talked him she told him basically that she was done for him.
  • I really loved that Lydia was able to hear Stiles voice telling her to come find him and she went looking for him right away.
  • I liked how it was shown that Stiles wall of unsolved cases has been becoming alot bigger and that Isaac noted after Aiden made some rude remark about Stiles sanity that Stiles may consider himself an unsolved case.
  • I liked that Lydia pointed out that if was in Stiles best interest to tell the police that Stiles was missing and that Scott ended up agreeing to tell them.
  • I find it interesting that Kira's mom seems like she is also a kitsune and is probably pretty deeply involved in the supernatural world.
  • I really hated how Aiden was mocking Stiles rather obvious love for Lydia while it was completely possible that Stiles could die, I honestly don't understand how anyone could possibly like Aiden.
  • I liked how Lydia could hear things when she plucked the strings and that she was actually able to find the place in which Stiles thought that he was in.
  • I really found the scenes where Stiles was talking to the dark spirit to be very creepy and I loved how Stiles kept fighting him on the whole them being one. Also liked the whole dark spirit giving him riddles and trying to make him see what was really happening it was interesting and scary dynamic.
  • I liked how Derek sort of mentored Scott again with using his sense of smell to sense the emotions Stiles was feeling on the roof.
  • I liked that Agent Mccall was actually able to figure out where Stiles really was and him and Melissa found him and got him to the hospital safely.
  • I liked how Lydia was still hearing alot of things even after Stiles was found and that Scott could tell that she was and ask if anything was wrong.
  • I find it very suspicious that Alison's phone was turned off and she had no memory of doing that and that she got messages in Japanese.
  • I liked how Scott asked Lydia if she want to go with him to the hospital to visit Stiles after school although I'm a bit sad that Lydia decided not to go.
  • I liked how Derek figured out that the dark spirit used Kira's kitsune powers in order to make itself powerful enough to take over Stiles.
  • I like that Scott offered to give Stiles the bite if Stiles has the same incurable illness his mother had and I really loved the hug they shared where they both tried their best not to cry.
  • I really hope that the only reason that Stiles test results turned out the way they did is because of the dark spirit possessing him and that he isn't actually sick.
  • I liked how Derek told Scott that he found out that his family use to protect Beacon Hills and that Beacon Hills need someone to protect it and he believes that Scott was that someone and that he'll help Scott with that.
  • I liked that Stiles fight hard against the dark spirit controlling him but sadly in the end the dark spirit was just stronger than him and he just kind of broke.
  • I liked how Scott and Derek figured out that Stiles was fighting against doing what the dark spirit was trying to do on the roof.
  • I find it interesting that Kira's mom and the dark spirit seem to know each other, I'm also just really worried about Stiles because Kira's mom is more than willing to kill the dark spirit's host.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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