Friday, January 11, 2013

Top 10 Female Characters of 2012


1. Caroline Forbes(Vampire Diaries): Caroline continued to be my favorite character on the show this year and I continued to love of her for her optimistic personality and being a good friend. Although Caroline is an overall cheerful character she had to deal with some hard ships this year such as facing the fact that she's never going to actually grow up and loosing her father both of these things made me sad for her but I also think she handled these things pretty well. Caroline also dealt with Klaus becoming attracted to her and I love how she dealt with this situation by using their moments together to tell him he has to become a halfway decent person before she even considers him a romantic option and she of course distracts Klaus often for the good of the team because she's also been about helping out her friends. I really loved seeing more of Caroline's control freak nature in "My Brother's Keeper" at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant because sadly we don't see that side of her personality often since she became a vampire and I also loved how against Elena getting together with Damon she is because Dam treated her horrible when they were a couple and Caroline is trying to protect Elena from getting in a situation like that. I also love that the show brought back Caroline's friendship with Stefan this season and I continue to love her and Tyler as a couple.
2. Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke(Revenge): I love Emily for being someone who is very driven by vengeance but is also smart about how she goes about seeking it, I love that she plans and I love that seeks to destroy peoples lives rather than to kill them. I love that Emily hides from the world behind
this sweet facade as the girl next door and that she pulls off this role flawlessly even though she's really plotting the destruction of almost everyone around her. I love that she's damaged by her past and that she has trust issues because of it. I really enjoy how she's able to fight pretty well but that isn't the skill set she uses in revenge schemes.I also love that despite being pretty closed off emotionally she still does care for some people although she isn't always great at showing it. I always enjoy watching her take downs and I'm always hoping that things turn out the best for her which I think is a good thing to feel about the main character of the show.
3. Rebekah Mikaelson(Vampire Diaries): I personally believe that Rebekah was one of the best things about season 3 and I love her for her desire to live the life of a normal high school girl despite being over a thousand years old because even though she's been alive so long she never really got a chance to live her life. I love that Rebekah can be very vengeful to the people who wronged her such as her goal of killing Elena after she woke up from the time Elena literally stabbed her in the back or she drained all the vervain out of Damon through torture after she found out he used her and invaded her mind therefore she decided to invade his. I also love that even though she can be bitchy and vengeful she can also be vulnerable and she's forever looking for true love. I really love her crush and Matt because he's one of the nicest and most normal guy on the show and I think that Rebekah wanting to be with someone like that says a lot about her. I also loved how she walked out on Klaus this year for not appreciating her despite the fact she's the one whose been with him through everything. I like the friendship she seemed to have with April and I'm looking forward to seeing how that and her character develops in the second half of the season.
4. Sansa Stark(Game of Thrones): I spent this season of Game of Thrones both admiring and feeling bad for Sansa. I felt bad for Sansa because she was in an awful situation one in which she could have been killed for saying the wrong thing, one in which Joffrey would punish her for her brother Rob's victor on the battlefield and one in which she's basically the Lannister's prisoner but she isn't aloud to act like it and she isn't even aloud to express her desire to see her family again. I admire Sansa greatly for being able to say just the right thing so she won't get punished and for being able keep herself from breaking down in front of anyone even though it's clear that there are times she wants to. I also admire her for being able to use her position in order to trick Joffrey into certain things such as in the first episode of the season when she convince Joffrey not to kill the knight but to keep him as a fool or to get Joffrey fight in a position in battle that is more dangerous, I love that she was able to do both of these things with just a few well placed words and that she has an effect on things despite being a position were she should be powerless I like that she isn't completely. I also love that despite the horrible situation she is going through and despite knowing not to trust in people to be good people that she still believes in human decency which is something many people would have given up on in her position. I love Sansa for being able to survive her situation in more ways than one in both the literal survival and spiritual survival with how she hasn't given up on humanity as a whole.
5. Faye Chamberlin(Secret Circle): I really love Faye for being this bitchy girl who just really wanted to have her own magic just so she could use it for whatever she wanted whenever she could. I also love that despite not being the nicest person around she still really cares for certain people such as Melissa and I personally really loved the friendship between Faye and Melissa. I also really ended up liking her relationships with Lee and Jake which caught me a bit by surprise. I just overall love Faye and I'm sad that I won't be able to see her on screen anymore.

6. Daenerys Targaryen(Game of Thrones): I love Daenerys for remaining the strong Khaleesi she became through out last season and I love that she became very protective of her dragons and her people. I love that she has became determined to make it to Westroes and to claim the Iron Throne for herself and I love that she doesn't want to have to marry someone else in order to get to that position. While I find her story less exciting than her story last season due to the lack of progress she made in getting closer to reach her goal, I still always loved watching her scenes because I really love her character.
7. River Song(Doctor Who): It may seem a bit strange to have River on my list this year since she only actually appeared in one episode of series 7 but I just end up loving her character more and more each time she appears on the show. I love River because she has this fun and flirty personality and I just find her really charming. I also love her because she has this emotional strength to her that I really admire which is something I really notice in this years episode with how she says that she never lets the doctor sees the damage because she knows how it upsets him and how she kept herself together so well while having her parents disappear from her life forever.

8. Cersei Lannister(Game of Thrones): I really love Cersei as a character and I know that may seem a bit strange because she has done some awful things but I just kind of always loved her since I started watching the series. I really loved watching her character this season with how she trying to control Joffrey and rule the kingdom in way in which she won't have to loose everything she has and how these things seem impossible with how she can't control Joffrey at all since he has become king. I really enjoyed seeing the more vulnerable side of Cersei this season because it just helped me understand her character a bit more clearly. I also really enjoyed Cersei's relationship with Sansa because there are moments were see Cersei can empathizes with Sansa's situation but most of the time it seems like she has a certain twisted pleasure in seeing Sansa suffer much in the way that she had suffered in the past. I overall find Cersei to be a very interesting character and I'm looking forward to learning more about her.
9. Juliette Barnes(Nashville): Juliette is a character that surprised me, when  I first watched the pilot episode I never would have thought that she'd end up being my favorite part of the show. I really love how her bitchy side is just mostly there to cover up her vulnerable side. I love how she wants to be taken seriously as singer and song writer and that her career isn't all about making money or going to parties like some people don't know her may think. I felt really bad for her with how she grew up with a mother who was a drug addict and she's never really had any real friends so the concept that someone would like her for who she is, is entirely foreign to her. I also really love her music as well.
10. Lydia Martin(Teen Wolf): I loved Lydia this season as well as last for being that mean popular girl who is actually really smart and I also love to see her on screen. I felt really bad for her because she seemed to be slowly loosing her sanity all season and no one would tell her the truth about any of the supernatural stuff. I'm really glad that she is now in the know and hope that this will allow for her to have more screen time and character develop next season.

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