Friday, December 21, 2012

Fantastic Five Friday: Top 5 Holiday Episodes

Fantastic Friday is a weekly meme that's hosted by The Weekly Enthusiast
1. The OC: Chrismukk-huh?(4.07): While I loved all the Chrimukkah episodes of The OC(and really just all episodes of The OC), Chrismukk-huh? has always been my favorite. I loved the whole alternate universe concept thing with seeing how much Ryan coming to town changed things for the main character and I just found this episode to be really funny as well. I also liked how this episode was used to help Ryan say goodbye to Marissa one last time and actually be able to be open to a relationship with Taylor.
2. Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol: I really loved this episode with how The Doctor had to basically remake the story A Christmas Carol with Kazarn in order to convince him to save everyone. I also just love a lot of little moments such as the psychic paper not working when The Doctor claims to be a mature and responsible adult, or how he talks about how his bow tie is cool or that he accidentally married Marylin Monroe or that he made a bunch of snowmen after the day was save. I just really loved the new take on the old story and The Doctor being The Doctor.
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Amends(3.10): I really loved this episode because it dealt with Angel's guilt over what he had done while he was Angelous and I really loved the heartbreaking scene between Angel and Buffy with Angel trying to kill himself and how Buffy tells him basically that live is painful but you have to keep fighting. I also liked that there was snow and that Buffy invited Faith to her house for Christmas.
4. Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura's Wonderful Christmas:episode 35: I really love that Cardcaptor Sakura had a Christmas episode because this is my favorite anime and that is one of the reasons that this episode makes my list. I also love that this episode is set during the time period where Syaoran is really confused by his feelings because he likes both Yukito and Sakura which makes things very awkward for him. I also love that Sakura was able to have enough power to capture the firey card and I kind of loved that Tomoyo and Kero-chan decided to stalk Sakura on her sort of date with Yukito.
5. The OC: The Countdown(1.14): I'm not sure if New Years episodes count for holiday episodes but I love this episode so much I'm putting it on the list anyways. I loved the whole Ryan having hard time knowing how to respond to I love you and I really love the kiss between Ryan and Marissa at the end of the episode with him finally telling her he loves her too. I also loved that when Seth and Ryan locked in the pool house, Seth claims that he's claustrophobic and Ryan is just like this place is huge it has a kitchen and a bathroom but then Seth is just hyperventilating, I just find that scene really funny.


  1. I can't believe I forgot all about the CCS Christmas episode! I love all the adorable Syaoran scenes, and the final scene with Firey is perfection.

    The Countdown is one of my favorite OVC episodes too. I don't really know anyone else who ships them, but I was always a Ryan/Marissa fan, and even though Taylor grows on me in season four, I still can't get over them (which is probably why though I loved the last Chrismukkah episode, the first is still my favorite).

    I totally agree about the Buffy holiday episode. I considered putting it on my list, actually, but I chose fluff instead. ^^;

    (And *hides* I have never seen the Doctor Who Christmas Carol. I should do that. Right away.)

    Great list!

    1. I almost forgot about the CCS christmas episode too but I remembered it like five minutes before making the list.

      I love Ryan/Marissa pretty much as much as I love Ryan/Taylor so you're in no way alone with shipping the two of them.

      I can understand the whole only wanting fluffy christmas episodes on your list but I love Amends mostly because it makes me cry and lays the foundation for Angel's show which I actually love more than Buffy.

      I have holes in my Doctor Who watching as well so no need to hide but the episode was brillant so I definitly recommend watching it.