Friday, September 14, 2012

Fantastic Five Friday: Top 5 TV Couples

Fantastic Friday is a weekly meme that's hosted by The Weekly Enthusiast

1. Seth and Summer(The OC):  I'm not exactly sure what to say about this couple other than I love them and I think that they're perfect for each other. I love how Seth had a crush on Summer for years before they got together and I love that part of the reason that he liked her was because of things no one else notices and I liked that part of the reason she started liking him back was because he likes her for things other guys don't even notice about her. I also love how they're different but at the same time similar enough that it makes sense why they would be good together.  Also two of my favorite kissing scenes take place between those two the two scene are the coffee cart scene in season 1 and the spiderman kiss in season 2.  I just really love them and I really need to rewatch The OC again in order to really properly describe my love for these two.
2. Ned and Chuck(Pushing Daisies): I love these two because they have this sweet fairytale like relationship that I just can't help but love. I also like how even though they can't touch each other they don't ever give up on their relationship and I like that they are perfectly content to just spend time together.
3. Victor and Sierra(Dollhouse): I love these two because they fall in love with each other no matter what the situation. I love that they were able to fall for each other when they were in doll state and in their original personalities but especially love that they were able to fall in love with each other even when they were imprinted with different personalities. I love this two because they always find each other and they prove to me that soul mates do exist.
4. Damon and Katherine(Vampire Diaries): I love this two together because they are actually quite similar to each other when it comes to personality and I love the history that exists between them. I love that Damon loved Katherine for 146 years and that he did everything he could to save her even though she was in no need of saving. I love that Damon has always known what kind of person(or rather vampire) Katherine was and he loved her all the more because of it not inspite of it. I love that Damon would have easily forgiven Katherine faking her own death for 145 years if she felt the same way about him. I also of course love the incredible chemistry between the two of them it's such a passionate relationship they share and I love it all the more for that. I think that Katherine loves Damon two it's just that she doesn't like to get attach to anyone ever because love causes people to make mistakes and if she made a mistake she could easily end up dead which is way she won't ever let Damon knows she loves him to. I could honestly write a super long paper on this two explaining why I think these two loved each other in 1864 and still do now in present day and why I think they're perfect for each other but I feel that I already said to much for just a quick list of favorite couples. That being said I will never stop hoping these two will admit they love each other and became a messed up version of a couple.
5. Spike and Drusilla(Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel): I love these two because they proved that just because someone is soulless it doesn't mean they're heartless. I also love that they were together for over a century and I just love the way the were so sweet and so creepy together at the same time.

Honorable Mentions : Declan/Holly J(Degrassi:TNG)Topher/Bennett(Dollhouse), Chad/Sonny(Sonny with a Chance),  and Ryan/Taylor(The OC)


  1. I can't believe I forgot about The OC on my list! Seth and Summer are one of my favorite ships too, and I love how they both change over the years, and how the more the audience gets to know them and watch them grow, the more obvious it is that they belong together. I also really love Spike and Drusella's relationship, but I don't romantically ship them (I kind of love the heartbreaking, tragic Spike/Buffy thing, but I thi8nk my shipper heart is just a little bit of a masochist. ^^; ) and though I love Damon, I'm not sure how I feel about him with Katherine (I shipped them in season one, but as the show goes on, I love him more and more with Elena, so I'm torn). I haven't seen Pushing Daisies or Dollhouse (they're both on my to-watch list though!), and yayyy for Chad and Sonny and Declan and Holly J making your list as well!

    1. I'm glad to hear that you love Seth/Summer as well and I agree that overtime it just becomes clearer and clearer that they're meant to be. I'm glad that you like Spike/Dru's relationship but I kind of have a hard time seeing them as anything but romantic because when they were introduced the whole point of their relationship was to show that vampires could love. I never liked the Spike/Buffy relationship. While I've also loved Damon/Katherine's relationship the most I used like Damon/Elena in season 1 but now I hate the idea of them together for various reasons.
      Pushing Daisies and Dollhouse are two of my favorite shows of all time and the couples I mentioned on the lists are so adorable it's almost impossible not to ship them.