Saturday, September 8, 2012

Top 10 animated guys I find attractive

This list is in response to Aimee's at penmanship Smitten's list of Top 10 attractive animated guys. I would also like to mention that I only included two non-anime guys because I felt that it wasn't fair to have the whole list be made up of anime guys.

10. Prince Phillip(Sleeping Beauty): I find Prince Phillip attractive because he's actually has to do something in order to win his princess. I liked that he fought the dragon and I loved that he refused to marry any reason other than love after meeting Aurora. I also just find his character design to be attractive and matches my idea of what a prince looks like.
9. Danny Fenton(Danny Phantom): I haven't watch this show in years but I remembered that I also liked Danny as a character, because he was a bit of an outcast, was prone to be sarcastic and he had to deal with whole becoming a ghost every once in awhile. I also like his character design also I'm I prefer his human form to his ghost form even though they're really similar.
8. Miharu Rokujou(Nabari No Ou): I love Miharu because of his desire to remain apathetic even after he finds out that he's basically the chosen one of the ninja world. I love that instead of trying to fulfill this role he instead tries to continue going on with life as if nothing had change. I also love how he manipulates people by either by appearing weak or smiling a super bright fake smile, I also love that this technique seems to work everyone. Another thing I like about Miharu is his close and weirdly caring relationship he develops with Yotie over the course of the series, I love this relationship because Yotie is one of the few things that Miharu can't feel apathetic about. I also just like his character design in general.
7. Nova(Arcana Famiglia):I love Nova because he has this serious and business-like way of caring himself all the time even though he's still quite young which is something I always seem to like in a character. I also like that despite his usually stoic attitude that there are still times when he gets embarrassed and blushes. I also really like that he has blue hair.
6. Ikuto Tsukiyomi(Shugo Chara): I love Ikuto for being a sort of bad boy but not really because he's generally a good person and even he's technically work for the bad guys of the series it's clear that he's not really on that side also I love how  he neglects his job all the time as well. I also love his more playful side in which he blatantly flirts with Amu despite their age difference. I love that he plays the violin as well and I find his character design to be very good looking as well.
5. Oz Vessalius(Pandora Hearts): I find Oz to be a very interesting character because even though he has been through a lot of terrible things in his life he refuses to stop smiling. I also love that it's implied that his smiles are mostly fake because I feel that makes his character more interesting. I also like that he's alot smarter than people think he is and I love that he's protective of Alice as well even though that can cause him to be a bit scary at times. I also really like how he looks as well even though I think he looks a bit younger than 15.
4.Suzaku Kururugi(Code Geass): I love Suzaku because he wants make sure that no one else is harmed but at the same time he's hoping that someone will just kill him which just makes me feel sad for his character. I don't exactly know exactly how to explain my love for Suzaku but I've always loved him and I thought he had a good heart and did what he believed was right. I also love his character design which looks extremely similar to Tsubasa Syaoran's, except with green eyes instead of brown, I like the similarity in the looks because I love both characters.
3. Subaru Sumeragi(X TV series): I love Subaru because he's one of the kindest and saddest characters I've ever encountered. I love and feel bad for him because of how cruelly life has treated him and I love him for still helping people. I love that he'll fight to try the save the world even though he has lost all desire to continue living in it. I also love his character design because it's very pretty and I feel I should mention that I loved him in Tokyo Babylon as well but I didn't think the anime version looked very good so that's why it only says X.
2. Syaoran(Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle): First off I feel I should mention that I'm basing most of what I know about Syaoran from the manga because I didn't really like the anime series but I felt the OVAs were good so I decided it would be okay to include Syaoran on this list. I love pretty much everything about Syaoran. I love the way he loves Sakura, I love how determined he is, I love that he sometimes get all shy and embarrassed around Sakura and I love that there are times when he geeks out about the history of country their visiting. I love and worry about him because he tends to keep his problems to himself even when he probably shouldn't be.  I also love that he actually knows quite a few languages and that he has a tendency to be overly polite. I also love the way he looks as well but I think the reason I think he's so attractive has more to do with his personality than his looks.
1. Lelouch Vi Britannia/Lamperouge(Code Geass): I love Lelouch because he's very smart and knows that in order to defeat an empire as large as Brittannia one has to be ruthless. I love that although Lelouch knows he has to be ruthless to his enemies he still has many people he's unwilling to sacrifice in order to achieve his goals. I also find Lelouch to be the best looking animated boy I have ever scene which is why he tops the list although he is also a brilliant character even without factoring in his looks.


  1. I'm so glad you finally made this list! Especially because, I am ashamed to say, I do not know most of the pretty animated boys on this list. At all.

    I definitely agree about Prince Philip. His appearance really does define my classic idea of a prince too, especially because the earliest stories about princes and princesses I knew took place in woodlands like Sleeping Beauty, and not those elaborate ballroom costumes they later change to (like Cinderella's prince).

    I never watched Danny Phantom, but my sister did, and he looks so much like that character deisgn I tend to love (Mamoru, Batman Beyond, etc.). I've heard awesome things about the show too though.

    Lovelovelove Syaoran in both CCS and Tsubasa (though I have to finish reading/watching Tsubasa RC). He's always going to be one of my favorite characters of all time because no matter what his incarnation is, he's just so cool and adorable! (I actually just rewatched the last 30 episodes of CCS, and I love that he blushes all the time. SO CUTE.)

    Shugo Chara and Code Geass are on my to-watch list, but I'm really curious about Miharu, Nova, Oz, and Subaru that I'm going to have to add Nabari No Ou, Arcana Famiglia, Pandora Hearts, and Z TV series to that (really long ><;; - I need to watch more anime these days!) list as well.

    What an awesome assortment of animated characters! Thanks for doing this!

    1. I had a great time making this list and I'm glad you enjoyed this list and commented on this.

      One of the reasons I prefer Prince Philip to Cinderella's Prince is because at least in the original the Cinderella's Prince didn't really have distinct facial features which freaked me out a bit.

      Danny Phantom is a great show and from what I remember it should still be enjoyable to older audiences.

      Shugo Chara is a great series as well even though the anime has quite a few filler episodes but even so it's my second favorite magical girl series with Cardcaptor Sakura being my favorite.

      Code Geass is a great series because it does a good job at mixing plot and characters also Clamp did the character designs for the series.

      Syaoran is forever one of my favorite characters both the Tsubasa RC and Cardcaptor Sakura versions. Also you mentioned a couple of times in comments that you haven't finished Tsubasa yet but I've always wonder how far you got in the manga. I love the parts in Cardcaptor Sakura where Syaoran kept trying to confuse his feelings for Sakura but then would get interrupted or be too embarassed to tell her.

      I think you should read the Tokyo Babylon manga before you read or watch X because Tokyo Babylon is basically Subaru's backstory and you've mentioned before that you wanted to read it and since it's out of print it's harder to find so I think it would be best to put it on the top of your to be read list.

      Pandora Hearts, Nabari No Ou and Arcana Famiglia are all great series as well although I think I should mention that Arcana Famiglia is a really new series in that the anime just came out in Japan this summer.

      Thank you for commenting on my list.