Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Top 10 Books that made me think about the world in someway

1.Tokyo Babylon:This series made me think about many of the social issues that were presented though out the series but to me the most powerful message of the series was how no matter what your going through no one but you can truly understand how much pain you're in. I really love that theme because I feel too often in fiction or rather in the discussion of fiction that the characters pain is ranked which doesn't seem fair to me since everyone handles pain differently so I thought it was nice that this series didn't pass judgement on how much pain a character was in. I also loved that this series ended sadly because it made think about why things couldn't work out and why I ever thought they would work out. I also love the closing line of the series "Maybe all the people who do bad things are just really lonely."
2.Uglies series:This book made me think about how our society values physical beauty and how the society defines what beauty is.
3.Perfect: This book made me think about how one would define perfection and the lengths at which a person can go to try and achieve perfection. This also made me think about why a person would want to achieve perfection. I also thought about when a person should stop trying to achieve perfection and the consequences of refusing to stop trying to reach the impossible goal of perfection.
4.Identical: This book taught me that everyone has a reason for what they are doing. I love that in this book even though Kaeleigh and Reanne's parents were pretty much horrible parents in different ways there was still a kind of understanding and sympathy that I could feel for them.Even though I knew they were awful I felt like they were still human albeit extremely flawed humans.
5.The Book Thief:This book made me see the German people were really no different from anyone else and that they weren't malicious despite who their leader was. I liked that this book showed the regular German citizens as regular people stuck in a bad situation because of the war and the air bombings that came along with it.
6.Thirteen Reasons Why:This made me think about how small acts that aren't actually that bad or weren't even meant to hurt anyone can still lead up to someone's decision to commit suicide. Which is kind of scary thought that a joke or just not saying the right thing can put someone's blood on your hands.
7.Xxxholic:This is a series that is full of interesting philosophies and also examines human nature through a supernatural lens which just makes it all the more interesting.
8.Brave New World: This book made me think about how much emphasise is placed on people feeling good and having fun rather than knowledge or the bonds of love of any kind.
9.Tricks: This book made me think about how easy it is to get involved in a kind of situation that can be extremely harmful to you when you feel your out of options.
10. 1984:This book made me think about how scary it would be to have a government that would be able to not just control how you lived and what you say but also what you think and how you feel about your life.


  1. Although I didn't like the series I agree with your choice of the Uglies Series. It's on my list too. Not read any of the other books on your list but would really like to try 1984.

  2. I put Orwells Animal farm on my list. I enjoyed reading your list,. Realy wanna read Book Theif.
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  3. I love The Book Thief. I definitely understand what you're saying- there are hundreds of books from the victim's standpoints, but very few from that of the Germans who weren't Jewish which makes The Book Thief very unique. The Uglies is series is great, as well, and so is 13 Reasons Why.

  4. Great list. I seriously could have made mine all Ellen Hopkins novels, so I'm glad you included several!