Monday, September 23, 2013

Top 10 Sequels

1. Linger: This is a book that spoke to me in a way that I don't think most think of this series as being capable of doing this probably one of my all time favorite books now in fact if you look at my Top 10 Book Moments list you'll see it appears a lot. Most people right this book off as another paranormal romance when the main characters obsess about their love for one another and while that does happen a bit I think if that's all you get out of the book your missing out on a really great story. When I think of this book the first thing I think of is how it's kind of set after happily ever after with how Sam adjust to the idea that he now gets to always stay in his human skin and I really love that we got to see him process his feelings about this and I also love that we saw more of his past as well because the young odd fragile Sam is probably my favorite Sam. I also really loved the character Cole St.Clair who's is that asshole bad boy who is really hot but in the end isn't worth the tears you cry over him and I love that Cole hates himself for being that guy but doesn't seem to be able to stop so he's just became a self-destructive mess in order to escape himself. I really enjoy the relationship that Sam and Cole have in this book because they're so different in personality and life views that they don't really get along although Sam always tries to be polite which only serves to make Cole more eager to get under his skin. I also really love the relationship Cole and Isabel have where Isabel is looking for a way to self-destructive since she feels guilty for the role she played in her brother's death and Cole couldn't be a more destructive force and I kind of love the unhealthiness of their relationship with how she actually resents him for starting to pull himself together before she could. Overall I love this book for really all the little characters moments.
2. The Battle of the Labyrinth: This is my favorite book of the series I just love seeing all of the characters we met over the course of the series storylines coming together within the labyrinth. This is also the book that made the threat of Kronos something that couldn't be prevented anymore which in turn made the series have a bit of a dark feel to it. I just really loved all the interconnected storylines with the quest, the thing with Nico, Grover finally finding Pan and of course Kronos finally becoming a real threat rather than just a prophecy. I also loved just seeing all the characters and their relationships.
3. The Awakening: This book is one that I loved because the action never really felt like it stopped and when it did it was about developing characters or abilities so I was never bored with the book. I felt like this book moved fast and that a lot happen and that really worked for me.
4. The Son of Neptune: I just really loved all three of our narrators and I loved learning Hazel and Frank's backstories and I liked seeing a relationship develop between them as well. I also really loved seeing Percy as well considering he's one of my all time favorite characters and I just really loved the whole story.
5. Perfect Scoundrels: I really love this book because of how well it handled Kat and Hale's relationship I loved how this book gave them relationship problems that came completely from them with how the conflict was that they come from two different worlds and while Hale is part of Kat's now that doesn't mean that he'll always want to be a part of it. I also love how this story also gives us a lot of background information on Hale as well.
6. Only the Good Spy Young: This book is one that had a lot of plot twist that both shocked me but at the same time made sense and learning about them I felt the same way in which the characters did which is always a good thing because you never want to be frustrated by a characters stupidity.
7.Cross my Heart Hope to Spy: This book is the one that I think really made the series have more of an ongoing storyline to it with introducing the mysterious Blackthrone boys and the start of Cammie and Zach's relationship. This book I would say was slightly darker than the first but still pretty light and fun also there was an espionage ball which is my favorite thing this series ever done.
8. The Titan's Curse: I really loved this book because I enjoyed the overall story of it and I really love the character of Zoe Nightshade who only appeared in this book but made a big impression on me. I also liked getting to know Thalia better and this is the book that introduced two of my favorite characters of the whole series Nico Di Angelo and Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Overall I just really loved this book.
9. A Clash of Kings: This one probably should be higher up on the list since it's great but I've been reading it for over a year now, I'm stuck on a Jon and Theon chapters right in a row and I'm not really a big fan of reading their point of views so I read other things instead. I feel I should mention I am update with the show which I'm also loving and I still do intend to read all the books it's just going to take me awhile to finish this one. I really love the book because well Sansa point of view chapters are my favorite because she's a favorite character of mine and her journey is more of an internal one since she can't speak her true opinion it works better in book form and it seems like quite a bit of her story was cut out of the show. I'm also really loving Bran's storyline in the book and I'm pretty sure they cut a ton out of his storyline in the show since Jojen and Meera Reed arrive much earlier and there's much more about important people staying in Winterfell.
10. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: It's been a long time since I've read this book but I remember loving it and I remember being mad that the movie didn't follow the book closer although I still enjoyed the movie.


  1. Percy Jackson & the A Song Of Ice And Fire Series by George RR Martin is on my list too!

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  2. I liked The Awakening, but The Reckoning was my favorite of the series. It was nice to see the characters finally man up. :)

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  3. I should have remembered the Percy Jackson books for today! A few of the sequels are pretty good. And yay for Harry Potter! Thank you for stopping by my TTT this afternoon.

  4. Great list. I still have many of these to read myself. Yay for Martin :)
    Happy reading!

  5. Ally Carter!!!!! I LOVE her books! :)

  6. I loved Battle of The Labyrinth. The Percy Jackson series is one of my favorites. Also, Perfect Scoundrels was amazing! Great list :)

  7. The awakening was amazing, I loved all the action too! Awesome list :D And the Gallagher Girls series is amazing!

  8. I've never read Linger but I started Shiver and had a hard time getting into it! I've heard SO MUCH good stuff about the series...I'll have to try it again. I absolutely LOVE The Raven Boys series by Maggie Stiefvater.

    Anyway great list!

  9. I just finished Titan's Curse and have Battle of the Labyrinth to read soon - so excited for it. HP and POA is my favorite of the series and always will be. Have you read Storm of Swords yet?