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TV Review: Revenge: Truth Part 2(2.22)

                                                    Revenge: Truth Part 2(2.22)Review
  • I liked how after the blast when Emily wanted to go inside and looking for Jack that Nolan tried to convince her not to go because he didn't want her to be in danger.
  • I liked how Ashley seemed to find Conrad's speech about him and his people being the first responders to be pretty suspicious.
  • I really liked how Daniel's main concern after the blast was to make sure that Emily was okay even though their relationship is completely one sided I like how much Daniel sincerely loves who he thinks Emily is.
  • I liked how relieved Nolan was when he saw that Jack was okay and I liked that Jack wanted answers about how Nolan knew something bad was going to happen and I like that Nolan was able to tell him something close to the truth.
  • I'm really confused as to why Declan was in the building when the bomb exploded but that's a question the show didn't feel like answering.
  • I liked how when Jack confronted Ashley about the text Ashley was able to figure out what Conrad did within ten seconds.
  • I liked how Nolan told Emily as soon as Jack left about Jack being alive but ditching his phone so that she could follow Jack.
  • I liked how disgusted by and anger Daniel was with his father when he realized that Conrad knew about the bomb the whole time and did nothing to stop it.
  • I loved how Nolan told Jack that he trusted Emily with his life and that Amanda did to and I liked that Jack really didn't trust Emily at all when she showed up and was even mad that Nolan told her the truth.
  • I liked the scene in the car between Emily and Jack where Emily tells him she's helping him because he's been suffering.
  • I liked that Jack and Declan got a brief scene together in this episode and I like that Jack at this point was considering get away from the Graysons.
  • I liked that Emily was again refused to go away with Aiden and that she told him she might never be able to give up her revenge. I also loved that she told Aiden that it was time that he left.
  • I liked how Nolan was surprised that Aiden could walk away from Emily because he never could.
  • I found the scene between Declan and Charlotte to be heartbreaking with him knowing he'll die but needing her last memory of him to be somewhat happy and needing to see her smile.
  • I liked how Nolan offered to buy the best medical care money could buy for Declan when he heard that things weren't looking good for him but Declan pointed out that what he needed was something that couldn't be bought.
  • I liked how Declan made Nolan promise to be there for Jack and that Nolan said that he'll always be there for Jack.
  • I liked how Emily told Victoria basically that her children are all choosing to leave her and she tried to make it seem like Victoria was just putting the blame on her to comfort herself.
  • I liked how Victoria pointed out that her and Emily are similar in that they are both determined and ruthless when it comes to their goals.
  • I like that Daniel wants to get as far away as possible from his family and that he told Victoria who was shocked that Conrad knew about the bomb.
  • I found it mildly surprising that Conrad knew for months about the initiatives plans and that he is now part of their inner circle, he just became more evil than I thought he could be but I'm very entertained by him so I don't really hate him.
  • I liked that Victoria wants no part of the initiatives plans and feels like she has blood on her hands.
  • I was very sad about Declan dying and I'm a bit surprised by that since I never really cared much about him in the past.
  • I liked how Nolan tried to convince Jack to take Carl and leave town so that he could be safe and not possibly trying to get vengeance.
  • I liked how Victoria feels guilty about Declan's death and felt that she deserved to be killed although I'm glad that Jack didn't kill her.
  • I like that Ashley after seeing how unaffected by everything Conrad is decides to not try to stop him from going on stage and possibly getting murdered.
  • I hate that Nolan is getting arrested for the bombing and I'm really worried about him and need him not be in jail long. Although I did like that there were mentions of all his visits with David Clarke since I've always wondered why people didn't find that suspicious.
  • If Daniel killed Aiden I wouldn't blame him since Aiden nearly choked him right before and I'd be happy if Aiden was off the show.
  • I'm a little surprised that Emily told Jack the truth about her but I could see why she had to under the circumstances.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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