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TV Review: Revenge: Fear(3.01)

                                                    Revenge: Fear(3.01)Review
  • I'm slightly concerned about Emily getting shot in two months time but since she's the main character I'm assuming she'll survive and I'm more worried about the fallout after she recovers because whoever shot her clearly has found out something big about her.
  • I find it interesting that for the past six months the Graysons only source of income is Conrad's position as Governor and I find Daniel a bit too idealistic with not wanting a job similar to the one he had before considering that he has no idea what he wants to do with his life.
  • I'm glad that Nolan was released from prison right away in this episode and that his program carrion ended up giving up the people involved in the initiative  as well as proving his innocence, I also liked that it seems like the initiative arc is over. I really loved that Emily was there to pick him up and I loved that he hugged her as well.
  • I really enjoyed Emily telling Nolan all that has happened while he was locked up and I like that Emily mentioned that she didn't tell Jack that Nolan was involved and also Jack has been gone for six months as well.
  • I really loved how Emily tried to tell Nolan that she should have never involved Nolan and that Nolan tells her that he's going to be working by her side until she destroys everyone who destroyed her father.
  • I also liked how Emily bought Nolan a house just like she promised she would last season.
  • I think that Victoria's son Patrick seems very sweet which is why I knew he wasn't going to last long in the Hamptons.
  • I liked how Conrad showed how narcissistic he truly is when he was mad about how he thought the eyes in his portrait weren't deep enough.
  • I found it somewhat terrifying that Conrad was planning on running for president and I'm glad that by the end of the episode that is no longer an option.
  • I liked how Ashley who through out the course of the series was screwed over quite a few times by both Emily and the Grayson family decided that she was going to blackmail Emily into giving her the means to gain the power she has always longed for.
  • I'm liking that French girl Margo who's an old friend of Daniel's that clear wishes the two of them were more than friends, I'm just really liking what we've seen of her personality so far.
  • I liked how Charlotte went over to Emily's house right away when she noticed that Emily was back because she missed her and that she gave Emily information about Patrick.
  • I liked how Emily used the information to get Victoria suspicious of Ashley so that she could get Victoria to help her destroy Ashley later on.
  • I liked how Charlotte went to Patrick's hotel and both warned him about how Victoria destroys peoples lives and then threatened him that if Victoria doesn't destroy him she will.
  • I liked how when Nolan told Emily that he'll find a way to sneak in the poison that she needs for her scheme that she should trust him because he always trusts her and I like that Emily did actually just trusted him because that says a lot about how close their relationship is considering how hard it is for her to trust people.
  • I really liked how Jack told Emily is able to understand why Emily was taking revenge against the people who destroy her father but he also doesn't want her to be any part of his or Carl's life because of all the harm her revenge has brought him and his family.
  • I liked how Emily did what Ashley wanted with introducing her to a powerful man but she made sure that her talking to that man a doctor would later lead to her downfall.
  • I liked how Emily poisoned Conrad's water so that he would pass out during a big event and that she made it look like he was starting to show signs of Huntington's disease which is something that he would die from and that she leaked it to the press in order to force Conrad to step down which is a pretty good form of revenge considering that's the Grayson's only form of income at the moment.
  • I liked that Emily and Victoria worked together to destroy Ashley and make her leave the contrary. I actually really enjoyed Ashley as a character but I think she had a pretty good send off for this show.
  • I liked that Charlotte confronted Victoria about Patrick and that she was totally unafraid to let Victoria know that she was the one that caused Patrick to leave. I dislike how Victoria has always made it so blatantly clear that she doesn't really care for Charlotte and that she is by far her least favorite child.
  • I'm a bit worried about Jack threatening to reveal Emily's true identity but I can understand why he thinks it's necessary considering how much collateral damage her schemes have had in the past.
  • I'm a bit curious about how Emily marrying Daniel is going to complete her revenge scheme. I find it interesting that it's implied that the date Emily chose for the wedding is the date her father got arrested which is certainly poetic.
  • I loved how at the end of the episode Emily went down to the beach by Nolan's new house to sit with him and drink wine and celebrate their revenge victories of the day, I'm just really enjoying the two of them having so many scenes together and being partners in crime again.
  • I'm disappointed that Adian isn't dead but I'm kind of glad that he wants to destroy Emily now rather than be with her because treating him as an enemy for Emily I feel will work better in the show because he won't be able to take over her revenge plots like he often did last season.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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