Monday, September 23, 2013

Movie Review: Stoker

                                                               Stoker Review
Stoker is about a teenaged girl named India(Mia Wasikowska) who's father dies on her birthday. India is different from most in that she rarely talks but she can hear and see things that others cannot. At her father's funeral she meets her uncle Charlie(Matthew Goode) who she didn't even know she had for the first time. India feels very suspicious of her Charlie and is uncomfortable with him staying with her and her mother Evelyn(Nicole Kidman) who is thrilled to have Charlie around because he reminds her of her husband from when he was younger and the two of them actually got along.

India over the course of the film discovers secrets about her uncle's past and that the two of them are far more alike than she would have ever thought that they could be. The relationship between India and Charlie becomes pretty inappropriate especially on Charlie's side since for the entirety of the film he seems pretty obsessed with her the reason why is revealed towards the end and it's revealed why India had never heard of India before the funeral.

This film had a very particular look to it, it was stylized in a way and that made the film really great to look at. I overall the story was interesting if at times somewhat disturbing and I felt like the acting was good and I enjoyed the directing as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this film.

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  1. Saw this recently. I like it and posted my thoughts on it on my other blog -

    Did the movie really explain why Charlie was obsessed with India...even before he ever met her? I guess it could be obsession out of jealousy. Charlie was jealous of the attention that his older brother gives India...the way Charlie had been jealous of the attention his younger brother had always received. I don't think the "before he met India obsession" was made clear - maybe I missed something. But for later when he finally meets India...I kinda think the reason for his obsession after he met her was clearer because by then we could see...that he see her as very similar to him in away that India did not realize initially.