Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thoughts on Game of Thrones 3.08-3.10

Second Sons(3.08): I loved how when Daenerys sees the sells swords the second sons coming to fight for Yunkai that she arranges for their to be a meeting between those in charge of the second sons so she can convince them to fight for her instead. I love how confident Daenerys was that if it came to battle she would win and that when one of the second sons captains question her abilities to take over the seven kingdoms she points out far she's come within the past year. I liked that it took some convincing and Daaraio swearing his loyalty as well as the second sons loyalty in order for him to gain the right to join her side. I liked how Margery in her conversation with Cersei was very kind, polite and seemingly cheerful which was a great contrast with how Cersei was cold and started telling the story of how the Lannisters slaughter house Castamere with the clear threat that could one day happen to house Tryell. I really enjoy the Margery-Cersei exchange because while they both somewhat see each other as enemies they handle each other very differently Margery with fake kindness and Cersei with threats of murder which only really show how threatened Cersei feels by Margery. I'm glad that Tryion is trying to do his best with not making Sansa's life any harder than it has to be with not making her sleep with him and being kind to her I still understand that this is still a horrible arrangement for Sansa. I liked that Tryion threaten to cut off Joffery's cock when he kept trying to get Tryion to take Sansa to bed, but I really don't think it was a good idea for him to yell that can of threat in front of the whole court. I liked how Ollena pointed out how screwed up the Tryell and Lannister family tree will be once all the weddings happen.

The Rains of Castamere(3.09): This episode as everyone already probably knows is the one that has the red wedding and I think it lived up to reputation of being violent and heartbreaking. I really liked that Rob admitted that he should have followed his mother's counsel last season and that he actually asks Catelyn for advice about his latest battle plan. I really liked the looks that Edmure and Catelyn exchanged in this episode while he was getting married with how she looked proud of him and that he was glad to have her approval. I enjoyed the look Catelyn had when she heard the rains of Castamere and how you could tell she knew that the chances of them getting out of there alive are slim to none because she knows the story of the house of Castamere. I found it particularly horrifying for Catelyn when she notices that Roose Bolton who she had been exchanging pleasantries with all night had known the entire time how the night would end and I liked that Catelyn told Rob to run even thought it was far to late by the time she did. I found slaughter of all Starks party to be horrific and it broke my heart and made me cry. I really loved Bran's storyline in this episode as well with how he was able to use his warg abilities on Hordor in order to make sure that they weren't heard by the wildings and Jojen tells Bran later in the episode that no one else can do that with humans. I found it sad when Bran told Rickon that he won't be coming with him to beyond the wall and Rickon tells Bran that they're meant to protect each other and their goodbye made me cry quite a bit. I also enjoyed Osha telling Meera and Jojen to keep Bran safe because he means the world to her. I also quite enjoyed Jon's storyline where he couldn't kill the man who raises horses for the nights watch so Ygritte did it for him and the rest decides that Jon's still a crow so they try to kill him and when he leaves Ygritte seems to be feeling very betrayed by him.

Mhysa(3.10): I really enjoyed the conversation between Tyrion and Tywin about how Tywin was the one that backed Walder Frey because Frey is too much of a coward to do anything like that without being backed up by someone powerful. My heart broke for Sansa even though we didn't see her find out about her mother and brother's deaths it's clear she had been told and I find this especially sad because Rob was Sansa's last hope in escaping Kings Landing. I liked that Shae told Varys that she loves Sansa and would kill for her, I just really enjoy the Sansa and Shae friendship on the show. I liked how Cersei talked about how when Joffery was a baby he was happy with her which made her happy and I liked how she said that when people say that you can tell the awful ones when they were babies is complete nonsense. I liked how Jojen mentioned that he always liked the scary stories and I liked how Bran mentioned how he use to as well and I liked the story Bran told about the man who was cursed by the gods after he killed a guest and fed him to his father. I liked that Bran, Jojen and Meera met Sam and Gilly and got them to help them get beyond the wall and I liked that it took some convincing because beyond the wall is dangerous. I liked that it seems that because of the abilities they have Bran and Jojen seem to be the only ones that might have a chance against the white walkers and such creatures. I also liked that Sam gave everyone of them some dragon glass because it can kill white walkers. I like that Stannis and his people seem to now know that the war of five kings means nothing compared to what is going on beyond the wall. I found it quite disturbing how calculated Arya's killing the man with how she played the role of a someone weak and innocent and drops the coin and then just starts stabbing him all over.

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