Saturday, September 21, 2013

Anime Review: Hyouka: The Revival of the Long-established Classic Literature Club(1.01)

          Hyouka: The Revival of the Long-established Classic Literature Club(1.01)Review
Hotaro Oreki is a high school student who lives by the motto "I f I don't have to do something I won't but if I have I'll do it quickly." He doesn't like to waste any energy so he avoids situations where he'll have to exert extra energy. Hotaro is forced by his sister join the classic literature club in order to keep it alive but when he arrives in the club room he discovers a girl Eru Chitanda has already joined the club and he feels that there's no need for him to join the club now so he tries to just leaves but is stopped by Eru.

Eru was very upset to learn that she was locked inside the club room without knowing it so she keeps questioning Hotaro about during this time Hotaro's friend Satoshi Fukube shows up as well and while he makes up some stories about Eru's family but also gives some background information on her like she does very well on exams and is regarded as beautiful. Satoshi also reveals that it's impossible to lock the doors of the club room without a key so Eru couldn't have accidently locked herself in. Hotaro is ready to just let the whole thing go until Eru comes up to him and says she just can't stop thinking about it and Hotaro just can't seem to disappoint her probably because he's unknowingly attracted to her so in the end Hotaro, Eru and Satoshi end up solving the mystery by finding out it was a janitor who was fixing the lights in each room who locked the door. Eru is able to convince Hotaro to join the club despite his usual motto and Satoshi also decides to join.

The next day after hearing about the mystery of the music room from Satoshi and knowing that Eru was interested in that mystery, Hotaro decides to mention a mystery of a secret club so she'll be interested in that one instead and need to solve it instead. It's revealed that this mystery was entirely made up with Hotaro even making a little fake poster for the club and hiding it and him trusting Satoshi to make up a story about it. Satoshi later on tells Hotaro that the plan with the secret club probably ended up being one that took up more energy that the music room would've and that he found it odd that Hotaro seems unable to let Eru down despite having no problem doing so to anyone else.

I overall really enjoyed this episode I felt that it was a good start to the series so far I'm really enjoying the characters. Please tell your thoughts on this episode.

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