Sunday, September 22, 2013

Movie Review: Submarine

                                                          Submarine Review
Submarine is about high school boy named Oliver Tate who is quite a strange individual he likes to read the dictionary, he does routine checks of his parents bedroom and likes to think of himself into alternate realities. Oliver because infatuated with a girl named Jordana the two start a relationship after he refuses to call her a slut when he is getting beaten up by some bully. There's a falling in love montage which involves a lot of the two of them setting stuff on fire, some running around on the beach and a tiny bit of kissing.

The other plot in this movie is that Oliver's parents are going through marital problems and Oliver feels like he is one that has to fix them. Oliver believes that his mother is having an affair with their new neighbor Graham who happens to be his mother's first love and Oliver feels like he must inform his father of this information. His father doesn't really do anything with this information since he's a pretty passive person and he periodically suffers from depression.

I overall really liked this movie which I found a bit strange but I really enjoyed the strangeness of this movie and I like that the characters all had distinct personalities. I especially liked Oliver's charcter because he was so odd and thought about things weirdly and had a lot of weird interest and knew strange things. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

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  1. I haven't yet seen this movie but I am fascinated by Richard Ayoade (the writer, director or something like that). Your review has convinced me I need to find some time to see this!