Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Movie Review: The First Time

                                                         The First Time Review
This movie starts off with this guy Dave(Dylan O'Brien who I know and love for playing Stiles on Teen Wolf) who is outside of a party rehearsing this speech that he wants to give to this girl Jane who's he's had a crush on for years and then this girl Aubrey(Britt Robertson who I know and love for playing Cassie on Secret Circle) ask him what he's doing and the two of them get to talking. I kind of love that one of the first things they talk about is how they don't really get why they go to high school parties since with Dave he just ends up not knowing anyone and feeling awkward and with Aubrey she came with some girls because she thought that it would be fun but they're all out hooking up with people so she ends up feeling awkward. After awhile Dave asks Aubrey for some advice on girls and reads her this speech he has written for Jane that is very sweet but also with the way in which he reads it's pretty awkward as well which is pretty much his character sweet and awkward. Aubrey ends up telling him that thing he really needs to get a girl like Jane would be confidence and Dave really doesn't think that's something he can have.

After awhile the party is broken up by the cops and Dave and Aubrey have been talking and walking for awhile Aubrey invites Dave over to her house. That night the two of them talk more and it becomes pretty clear that Aubrey is the type of person who is both artistic but also the kind of person who thinks that pretty much anything that is romantic is cliché and tried. I really enjoyed the contrast between Aubrey and Dave with how they think of relationships with how for example how Aubrey thinks that dating is just being with someone to be with someone and Dave who fantasies about being his crush's boyfriend with being able to hold her hand and kiss her in the rain. So over the course of the night they bond.

By the end of the next night after Aubrey breaks up with her jerk of boyfriend Ronny who is this type of guy that seems to hate everything mainstream and blames every problem on some cooperation and he is just really unpleasant to be around in general. Also that night Dave decides not to spend yet another night with Jane where she tells him about the latest jerk she was with and how she's done with those kind of guys when he knows that's not true because it's pretty clear that they've had many conversations just like this one. So by the end of the night Dave and Aubrey sort of become a thing I mean they kiss but there's no labels or anything put on their relationship.

The next night Dave and Aubrey end up having sex and it's really awkward which really shouldn't be a surprise considering that neither of them have ever done it before. The awkwardness of the sex leaves them to almost ending their relationship before it even starts but in the end it seems like they worked things out.

I loved this movie so much and I'm so glad that I did because I've been looking forward to this movie since I first heard about back when it first screened at Sundance and I'm glad that it exceed my expectations. I just really loved the characters and I loved seeing their relationship and I love the way the dialogue was. I thought that the acting was good overall but that wasn't something that I was worried about. Overall I think this is a great movie and I think that you should definitely watch it because it's just really good. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

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