Saturday, September 21, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: So the Flower Has Wilted(2.01)

                                 Chihayafuru 2: So the Flower Has Wilted(2.01)Review
This episode starts with the karuta club trying to figure out the best way to attract new members to the club, Chihaya wants to do a karuta demonstration but the rest of the club feels like that scare away potential new members. In the end Kana comes up with the idea that to have them wear hakamas and just saying general information about the club this seems to work since many first years show up at the meeting but none of them seem particularly serious about karuta.

Chihaya while a bit sad that none of the new members love or are serious about karuta is still determined to be the one to teach them about karuta even though she would be the one that would be the worst teacher. The other club members are more focus on other goals for the club Chihaya realizes in the end Chihaya reveals that she has a lot of goals she wants to have accomplished by karuta club although the one she said that was most important was that Taichi makes class A but she also wants to become the best karuta club and to establish a karuta club that will last long after she graduates.

There's a subplot in this episode about a first year girl Sumire Hanano who's boyfriend dumps her by text message on the first day of school so she becomes determined to find a new boyfriend to make her old one regret dumping her she ends up setting her sights on Taichi. Sumire is quite jealous of Chihaya through out the episode because she notices that Chihaya and Taichi are close and look good together. Sumire eventually realizes while talking to Taichi towards the end of the episode when he tells her he'd rather choose the girl he'll devote himself to than have one to choose him this leads Sumire to realize he'll never be choose her.

I overall really enjoyed this episode it was a good start to the second season. I love seeing more of Chihaya seemingly endless love for karuta and how she wants as many people as possible love karuta. I loved seeing how different everyone's priorities were for karuta club. I love that there seem to be quite a bit of ship teasing for Chihaya and Taichi because I just love the idea of those two. Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

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