Thursday, September 5, 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Male Friendships in Fiction

Top 5 Thursday is a meme that I create to make lists of things involving tv and movies. I would love for anyone that sees this post to make list of their own whether it's in the comment section or on their own blog.
I actually made a list of my top 5 female friendships a couple months ago so I figured it'd be a good idea to make one for male friendships as well. Also since people tend to be more into guys friendship for some reason I figured it'd be a good topic for this list but if you want to write a list on female friendship instead as a response to this post that would be great as well really hope that someone responds to one of these posts.
1. Seth and Ryan(The OC): With this one I don't think I have that much of a deep meaningful reason why their my favorite I just really love every single scene that they have together and those scenes tend to be my favorite in each episode. I love that even though one the surface the two of them are really different they seemed to just work together really well and I loved that they formed a friendship right away and through out the whole series they never had a fight that lasted long which is something that I really enjoy because a lot of series in genre of show likes to not value friendships but that's never been a problem with this show in general. I also really love that even though this show dealt a lot with relationship drama that it was also clear that show always found Seth and Ryan's relationship just as if not more important then the romantic ones but mostly I love these two because they made the show for me.
2. Scott and Stiles(Teen Wolf):These two are pretty much the reason that I was able to watch past the first couple episodes of the series back when it wasn't all that good and I questioned why I was watching it but within the first couple of scenes I found my answer: Scott and Stiles friendship. I love that these dorks wonder into the woods in the middle of the night to find a dead body and I love that Scott didn't even seem to be into this idea but went simple because Stiles asked him to and I love that Stiles dad assumed that wherever Stiles was Scott was close by and love that Stiles figured out that Scott was a werewolf before he did and I love that abandoning Scott never even crossed Stiles mind even though he had just became a dangerous creature. I love that these two always seem to be there for each other and I love that they have been best friends for pretty much their whole lives and I love that even through all the changes that happen through out the series they still always have each other. I love that their friendship obviously means the world to both of them with how Stiles would rather die than live in world without Scott and how Stiles was able to take Scott out of committing suicide by telling him he'd have to take him with him. I just really love these two from the start and my love for this friendship only seems to grow.
3. Corey and Shawn(Boy Meets World): I haven't watched Boy Meets World in awhile but I remember how good of friends Corey and Shawn were I remember them being there for each other through good and bad times and I remember them always seeming to want to be at each other's side. I just remembered that these two always had a great friendship and I remember always enjoying.
4. Shawn and Gus(Psych): I just really enjoy these two because they had been friends their whole life and they can both be really ridiculous. I like that even though there are times when they really annoy each other they clear love and care for each other also I love that they mentioned before they have a plan to live next door to each other and share a pool someday.
5. Yuki and Kakeru(Fruits Basket): I just really loved their friendship because Kakeru was the first person who was an outsider that didn't know about the curse that Yuki really became close to which was something that he'd been struggling with his whole life. I also just really love their dynamic together and I love that Yuki felt he could somewhat confide in Kakeru even though he never told him anything about the curse. I just really enjoyed both characters and their relationship.

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