Saturday, March 10, 2012

Top 7 Book Covers of 2012

1. Enchanted: I'm not sure if I'm going to read this book but it does seem like an interesting take on a fairytale but I love it's cover with the sleeping girl in a beautiful dress.
2. Everneath: I'm not planning on reading this book but I love the cover.
3. The Treachery of Beautiful Things: This book sounds interesting and I'll probably read it once it's out in paper back but for now I'll just enjoy it's pretty cover.
4. The Selection: I'm going to read this book because it sounds really interesting and I'm pretty sure that the CW is making it into a TV series so I want to read the book(s) before I watch the series which I hope gets picked up because it sounds like one of their better pilots. I also think the cover is lovely.
5. Sweet Evil: This book sounds interesting so I'm planning on reading it when it comes out in paperback and I love the cover because of the girl's dress.

6. Dreaming Awake: I don't want to read this book but I love this cover.

7. Something Strange and Deadly: I have no idea if I'm going to read this book or not since there's no plot description yet but I love the cover and the title.

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