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My top 5 current TV episodes 5/7/11

                                                       Top 5 current Tv episodes
I'm sure that this list will change someday probably sometime soon but for now these are my favorite episodes. Honorable mentions go to Vampire Diaries(Masquerade, Last Day, Chirldern of the Dammened, Fool Me Once), Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( Passion, Faith, Hope, Trick, Innocence, School Hard, Out of Sight Out of Mind) The O.C.( The Model Home, The Girlfriend, The Ties That Bind, Dearly Beloved, Summer Bummer) Firefly( Serenity, Safe, Out of Gas, Trash) Psych( An Evening with Mr.Yang) Gossip Girl ( Victor, Victrola).Please share what your favorite episodes are.

1. Becoming Pt.1& Pt.2 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2.21-.22)

My favorite episode of anything every is Becoming it was just the perfect way to end the season2 which was already a great season but this just an extremely intense episode the stakes are high on both the world’s going to end level as well as an emotional level. I loved that episode had a sword fight in that I love a good sword fight and this was certainly a good sword fight. This was also the first episode that Willow uses magic and although her spell’s a success it really only makes the ending more bitter sweet. I personally think this episode was a great ending for season 2 as well as Buffy’s and Angel’s doomed relationship.

2. Plan B ( The Vampire Diaries, 2.06)
I love this episode so much it was so exciting and fast paced I wasn’t bored for a second during this episode and I cried twice during it. This episode everyone worked together (for I think the 1st time ever really) and in the end they were able to get a little ahead of Katherine but of course Katherine being the awesome villain she is doesn’t let that last long. I also but some sick reason really enjoyed Damon torturing Mason ( although I didn’t hate Mason or anything) I think it’s because I was worried the show would change Damon’s character too much (ie: not have him killing or hurting anyone, which just doesn’t seem to make sense). I also loved all of the scenes between Caroline and her mom and cried so much when she compelled her to forget right after her mom accepted her as a vampire. I also cried during Stefan and Elena’s break up but not as much and after all that the episode is still not done because at the end we learn that Katherine has compelled Matt to attack Tyler until he dies. This episode is just amazing, it has good emotional growth and plot twists throughout.

3. Ariel (Firefly, 1.09)
Honestly I love every episode of Firefly but for some reason Ariel is my favorite it was probably because a lot of this episode focused on Simon and River who I love. I also really liked the heist idea and although I hated Jayne for trying to turn the Tams in I liked that storyline happened it added a lot of tension to the hospital scenes. I was terrified and intrigued by the hands of blue that made people bleed out their eyes and other openings, I still wonder about them this show so shouldn’t have been canceled. I also liked the scene at the end were Mal threaten to throw Jayne out of the airlock.

4. Effy series 1 (Skins UK, 1. 08)
I love this episode it’s so weird but so awesome it’s kind of hard to describe but it’s a really screwed up episode that allows for a good amount of character growth. First off we got to learn more about Effy’s secret life as well as how close her and Tony are and it was the first time we ever heard her speak. Although this is Effy’s episode it really focused more on Tony and aloud him to grow as a character, it really was the first time that I felt bad for his character and this episode made me understand him and his relationships with Sid, Effy and Michelle better. I also loved that Sid and Cassie kissed in this episode.

5. The Heartbreaker (The O.C., 1.19)

The first Valentines day episode of The O.C. is also the best in my opinion it probably because it’s the one were Seth and Summer are on the best terms and is also the first time they had sex. All the sex talk was both awkward and hilarious and at the end when they were decided to take it slow and were dancing it was just so incredibly sweet you could just tell they were in love. I also thought that both Sandy and Kristen’s and Jimmy’s and Haley’s storylines were sweet and romantic. I liked that Ryan and Marissa didn’t just get back together in the end because they seemed like they need a break after the whole Oliver issues but while I liked Teresa in this episode I didn’t enjoy the rest of the storylines she brought later on in the season, although I loved the episode The Ties That bind.

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