Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top 10 books for people who like X author

For People who like Ally Carter's series Gallagher Girls and Heist Society:
1. Magic Knight Rayearth: I would say it's similar to the Gallagher Girls series because it's about a group of girls who have vastly different personalities but are still close friends who considers each other to be sisters and work well together. The girls in both series are also pretty good at fighting their enemies.
2. Kami Kaze Katiuo Jeane: It's similar to Heist Society because it's about a young girl that steals priceless art in order to help people although the reasons in the two series are very different.
3. Shugo Chara: It's similar to Ally Carter's series because it has a strong female lead who forms close and important friendships and has just enough swoon worthy romance.
4. Sailor Moon:Another series about a group of girls that are good friends and are capable of fighting evil.
5. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus: I find that these series are similar to Ally Carters because friendship is an important part of the series.
6. Secret Circle: Has lots to do with friendships.
7. Rosario+ Vampire: It's set at a bordering school, the girls can kick some ass and friendship is an important part of the series.
For people who like The Hunger Games:
1. Battle Royale: Has a similar idea with having a bunch of kids kill each other on tv except this time they all actually no each other.
2. Uglies: Is another teen dystopian with a corrupt government that likes to control it's people.
3. 1984: A classic dystopian that tries to make thinking differently a crime.


  1. Oooh, I'm going to have to check these out! I LOVED Heist Society and really need to read Uncommon Criminals. And I own the 1st Gallagher Girls book but have yet to read it. I hope to get to it soon! Plus, I have always loved anime and manga but I've only read like 1 manga ever so I'm looking for more to read. So thanks for this list!

    And great suggestions for books similar to The Hunger Games! I haven't read Battle Royale but I want to and I've read the others!

    Great list, and thanks for stopping by my Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. If you like Heist Society I think you should also watch the show White Collar because it's also about con artists. I'm glad that your willing to give manga a try and if you like YA books I'm sure you'll love manga as well. Thank you for the comment.