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TV Review: Timeless: Pilot(1.01)

                                                      Timeless: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I liked that the episode began with the Hindenburg exploding in 1937 like it did in our actual history because it opened the episode with a bit of excitement but it also lets us know when things don't go the way they were suppose to go when the characters travel back in time later on in the episode.
  • I like that Lucy is a historian who was just passed over for tenure at the college that not only she has been working at for years but also that her mother was the one who made the history department what it was today. I like that it's established from the start that Lucy isn't really appreciated at her job and that she isn't entirely happy with it at the moment.
  • I like that we're introduced to Rufus while he's at working on coding and looking over at his coworker that he has pretty obvious crush on before the bad guy Flynn comes in and steals a time machine from his workplace.
  • I liked that when Wyatt kept calling Lucy ma'am that she told him to stop doing that since they look to be the same age and I like that he still does it through out the episode.
  • I liked that both Lucy and Wyatt don't believe the Homeland security agent and the man that secretly invented a time machine because the whole idea of time travel is something that is difficult to wrap your head around and something that should be impossible.
  • I like that there was a reason given why Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus would be the ones sent back in time with Lucy it's because she's a historian that they need in order to make as few changes as possibly to the timeline, Wyatt because he's a solider and they need someone who can take Flynn out or down when they track him down and Rufus because he's one of the best coders and is the one that knows how to pilot the time machine.
  • I like that Rufus didn't want to go back in time since he's black and he knows he'll have to deal with a lot of awful racism when he travels back in time since this is an unavoidable truth about the past I'm glad that the show is actually addressing it.
  • I liked that Lucy worried about her clothes not being era appropriate enough and I liked that when she mentioned her wiring in her bra that Wyatt asked who's going to be seeing her bra.
  • I liked that it was explained that going to a time where you already existed could lead to not all of you making journey back which shows one of the possible dangerous of time travel.
  • I liked that Lucy was amazed at the sight of seeing history that she only read about before and how she thought about how much her mother would've loved to see this.
  • I liked that Wyatt said that Jersey is Jersey as in people acted about the same there in this time as they do in ours.
  • I liked that Lucy was excited when she saw the report Kate Drummond who she has read about many times.
  • I liked that when Lucy tells Wyatt that Kate is meant to die today that Wyatt is somewhat horrified that Lucy was able to talk to her like there was nothing wrong when she knows that she's going to die today. I like that this establishes that Lucy is all about preserving history while Wyatt is more stuck in the mentality of saving people's lives even though it could have unforeseen repercussions in the future.
  • I liked that Wyatt ended up trying to save Kate even though Lucy told him that he shouldn't try to change history in anyway.
  • I like that since we knew the Hindenburg was suppose to crash that it not crashing was something that was cause for concern.
  • I liked that after Wyatt saved Lucy's life that she got mad at him for using a gun that he brought from the future because she was concerned what him bring a weapon from the future could do to the timeline.
  • I liked that they figured out that Flynn wanted the to use the Hindenburg's second trip to kill a lot more people and ones that had a much bigger impact on history. I didn't like that they got taken to jail right after they figured this out.
  • I felt bad for Wyatt when we learned that his wife has died and that he blames himself for not being able to save her and that since Kate reminded him of her that's why he tried so hard to save her.
  • I liked when Rufus told off that racist policeman that there was going to be a lot of very successful black people in the future that he hoped that the policeman would live long enough to have to deal with them.
  • I liked that Wyatt broke them out of jail using the underwiring in Lucy's bra to pick the lock.
  • I'm glad that Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus with a bit of help from Kate were able to stop Flynn's plan of using the Hindenburg to kill more people.
  • I find it very weird and a little frightening that Flynn has a journal Lucy hasn't written yet somehow and I wonder if this means he's already been to the future and why he went there.
  • I was sad that Kate died even though it was different this time than it was before, I feel like her death is one of those instances of time just wanting to happen for some reason maybe it's like Lucy tries to tell Wyatt at the end of the episode sometimes things are just meant to happen.
  • I don't trust Rufus's boss since he's having Rufus record everything that Lucy and Wyatt are saying without their knowledge but I'm glad that Rufus doesn't feel quite right about doing this sort of thing.
  • I like that Rufus was able to get a sort of date with that girl he's been crushing on by promising to tell her about time travel over dinner.
  • I was glad that the changes in the timeline allowed for Lucy's mom not be sick anymore but I was sad when those same changes erased Lucy's sister Amy from the timeline and got her engaged to some guy.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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