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TV Review: Revenge:Burn(4.20)

                                                      Revenge: Burn(4.20)Review
  • I really hate when Victoria plays the victim when it comes to her and Emily's relationship because Victoria is the one that ruined Emily's life when she was a child to safe her own skin so in my mind anything Emily does to her she has earned by destroying Emily's childhood.
  • I liked that Margaux and Louise both wanted to help Victoria but since they think about things in very different ways so they differ in the kind of support they want to give her with Margaux being more willing to try to fight Emily while Louise is one that likes to give more emotional support with trying to cheer Victoria up and convince her to face the world with her head held high.
  • I liked that Jack replaced Amanda's gravestone with one that had her birth name on it and I liked that Emily also came to pay her respects to.
  • I liked that when Emily told Jack that after she gets the drive from Victoria back she's done for good that while Jack doesn't say it, it's clear that he thinks that Emily won't ever truly be done because she has said that she would be done after one more thing plenty of times.
  • I like that things are working out between Nolan and Tony and I like that Tony doesn't want Nolan to buy him anything because he doesn't in anyway want to take advantage of Nolan's generosity and I like that Nolan has been talking to him about his and Emily's relationship and I like that Tony is encouraging Nolan to work and talk things out with Emily because he can see how much Emily means to Nolan.
  • I never really believed that Emily was the one who attacked Victoria because that attack is so not Emily's style and the fact that Victoria didn't tell the police that she was attacked just makes me more suspicious of Victoria.
  • I liked that Nolan told Emily that working with her on revenge schemes these last few years was the best part of his life because it shows how much he loves her but I also think that's a bit messed up because these last few years a lot of not good stuff has happened as well.
  • I like how Nolan told Emily that he's going to keep calling her Ems because it reminds him of their time working together and I like that when Nolan told Emily he's afraid of losing her that she told him that he's never going to lose her.
  • I dislike Margaux trying to force Louise to get away from Victoria almost as much as I hate Louise being manipulated by Victoria because Louise honestly cares about Victoria and I just don't like seeing Margaux be mean to Louise because she disagrees with Louise's way of thinking.
  • I liked that Emily told Nolan that she could handle getting the drive by herself and that she wanted him to go on his date with Tony because she knows he makes him happy and she doesn't want him to miss out on him being happy because of one their missions that  they have been letting rule their lives for the past couple of years.
  • I'm sad that David has cancer because I don't want Emily to have to go through with losing her dad again.
  • I like that Victoria ended up looking crazy in the eyes of the FBI agent when Emily stole the thumb drive from him and she freaked out and blamed it on Emily which didn't seem likely in the FBI agent's eyes.
  • I disliked that Louise made a scene at the charity event and end up making Tony look bad in front of his boss because like Nolan tells her he is an innocent in all of this.
  • I liked that Nolan said he didn't think that Louise was a lost cause until she got Tony hurt and I liked how he told Louise that she chose the wrong side and that she was over her head. I also like that Louise told Nolan not to romanticize Emily because even though he knows a hell of a lot more about what's going than she does she's right that Nolan as the habit of romanticizing Emily.
  • I liked that Nolan mentioned that parties never go well when they throw them so they really shouldn't throw them anymore.
  • I liked that Jack told Nolan that he doesn't see him and Emily ever working out because he doesn't think that she can stop and he doesn't want to be part of Emily's life if it's always going to be like this. I also like that Jack mentions that Emily really hasn't given him any reason to think she returns his feelings so he doesn't want to wait for something to happen between them someday and I think that him leaving and giving up on Emily is what is truly best for him.
  • I liked that Emily mentioned how much she has caused Jack to suffer in the past and how that is part of the reason she doesn't want to really be with him.
  • I like that Tony didn't blame Nolan for anything that went wrong at the party and I like that he pointed out to Nolan that he didn't actually do anything wrong.
  • I like that Emily didn't make it in time to the airport to stop Jack from leaving and I like that instead she was met with Mason Treadwell who came back and he was of course mad that she took away his exclusive and told her that he doesn't think she is capable of change and that she'll end up alone.
  • I really hate that Victoria is framing Emily for her murder because this just shows how hateful of a person Victoria truly is.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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