Saturday, October 22, 2016

Book Review: The Raven Cycle: The Raven Boys

                                                            The Raven Boys Review
The Raven Boys is about a girl named Blue Sargent who lives in a family of psychics although she is not one herself and all throughout her life she has been told that the first boy she kisses will die shortly after that. Blue's life becomes entangled with a group of boys that go to a near by wealthy  private school who's students are called raven boys since they have ravens on their uniforms. The group of boys are made up by Gansey (who is the leader of the and his life quest is to find and wake the lost King Glendower), Adam(he is a scholarship student who has a bad home life and he is ashamed of both these things), Ronan(who is somewhat of delinquent and it's implied that most of his bad behavior and attitude stems from his father's death) and Noah who is a quiet boy that no one really knows all that much about.

Shortly after meeting the boys Blue starts helping them on the search for Glendower and the five of them all become good friends but it soon becomes clear that the search for Glendower is something that is much more dangerous than any of them ever dreamed it could be. Another matter that puts a bit of dark cloud over the events of the book is that Blue knows that Gansey is suppose to die sometime within in the next year and is most likely will be the first boy she kisses so that puts a bit of sadness and awkwardness in their interactions on Blue's end.

Overall I really loved the book, it had an interesting plot that I haven't seen done before, it had interesting characters who I enjoyed learning about and I also loved all the interactions between the characters I liked seeing both the already established relationships as well as the ones that were developing as I was reading the book. This is overall a great start to a series. Please tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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