Sunday, October 30, 2016

TV Review: Queen In-hyun's Man

                                                 Queen In-hyun's Man Review
Queen In-hyun's Man is a time travel romance about a scholar from the Joseon era named Kim Bong-do who is trying to reinstate the deposed Queen In-hyun and how after he is given a talisman that protects him by sending him to the future whenever he is at risk of dying. In the future Bong-do ends up meeting Choi Hee-jin an upcoming actress that plays Queen in-hyun in a historical drama. Bong-do and Hee-jin end up encountering each other on several of Bong-do's accidently trips to the future and Hee-jin ends up helping him while he's in the future and the two develop a bond.
At first Bong-do and Hee-jin running into each other is something that just happens when he travels to the future and then when Bong-do figures out how the talisman works he uses it to figure out how use his time travel in order to save Queen In-hyun and other people from his time. Each time Bong-do comes to the future him and Hee-jin end up meeting each other and they become closer and Hee-jin starts doing things like kissing him pretty early on and then later proclaiming that he is her boyfriend in front of a plane full a people. By the halfway point in the series things are mostly dealt with in the Joseon era and Bong-do and Hee-jin have fallen for each other and Bong-do is planning on actually staying in the future with her this of course leads to it become a lot more difficult for Bong-do to get and stay in the future with Hee-jin and this leads to a lot of angst and heartbreak before we get to the happy ending.

This series is one that I really loved, I love the main characters both as individuals and together and I loved the romance between the two of them, it was the best part of the series and there was so many cute sweet scenes between them and I have never swooned and squealed more than I did when I was watching this series. This series was one that was all about it's main romance and I loved it so much for that and I got myself swept up with that romance in both happy and sad times. Overall I love this series and I think that anyone who enjoys romance will also love this series so please watch this drama and if you already have please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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