Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TV Review: Liar Game

                                                           Liar Game Review
Liar Game is about a young naïve girl named Nam Da-jung who finds herself suddenly a part of a new reality show called Liar Game which is a show were the participants can win money tricking each other in different psychological mind games that require you to trick your opponents out of their money. Da-jung is far too trusting for a game like this but since her father left her with a large debt that's owed some impatient loan sharks she really can't pass up the chance to win this kind of money.

About halfway through the first round Da-jung looses all of her money by trusting the wrong person and on a recommendation of a rather nice loan shark that's in charge of collecting Da-jung's father's debt from her she seeks the help of Ha Woo-jin a former professor that is always able to tell when someone is lying and has recently been released from jail. Woo-jin eventually decides to help Da-jung because she reminds him of his mother that was recently driven to suicide by loan sharks and the two of them become an unconventional team with contrasting world views with Da-jung wanting trust people and Woo-jin firmly believing that you can't trust anyone.

Woo-jin is compelled to stay in the game because the host Kang Do-young seems to know more about the events leading up to his mother's death than anyone should know and Woo-jin has no choice but to stay in the game if he wants to learn what Do-young knows. The show is overall about the effect money can have over people especially people who are in desperate need of money, it's about how far people will go just for the chance to win money and it's about whether or not trusting anyone is truly possible.

Overall I would say that I enjoyed the show because the questions that show asks are interesting as are the challenges that the participants have to go through which makes the show fun to watch. There's a few good characters in the mix and I feel like the writing of show is pretty smart which made watching it a fun experience. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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