Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Top 10 Villains

1. Angelus(Buffy the Vampire Slayer): Angelus has been one of my favorite villains for years now and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Angelus was a villain that saw his evil deeds has an art form he was someone who didn't take pleasure in simply kill someone but rather the suffering that came from that person dying or the pain or fear that his victims felt before he killed them. The thing that made Angelus work so well as a villain was that he was smart and was somewhat like a cat in how he played with his prey for a long time before he would ever kill, the fact that his goal seemed to be putting people in pain whether it be physical, emotional or psychological is what made him so interesting to watch because you didn't know exactly what he would do next.
2. Katherine Pierce(Vampire Diaries): Katherine is a character that I genuinely love as a character and as a villain because there are things that are sympathetic about her and she is someone who can help out the main characters but never someone they could trust because she will always choose herself and her own best interest in the end and I can respect that. Katherine is a ruthless survivor who would betray and kill just about anyone in order to ensure her own safety and she won't regret those choices for one second. She's a character that is smart, ruthless and selfish and she was a character that made the plot of the show a whole lot more interesting by showing up and I will forever love her that.
3. Akito Sohma(Fruits Basket): Akito unlike the first two characters on this list doesn't kill anyone throughout the whole series but Akito is someone who still manages to cause pretty serve damage to  most of the major characters in the series. Akito is someone who is very manipulative, controlling, has a bad temper and far too much power over quite a few of the characters in this series which makes Akito pretty dangerous. Akito is someone who knows how to destroy people with words and this is something that is done throughout the series. Although Akito is actually a character that is shown to be sympathetic and in the end even chooses to try to be a better person I like some characters in series can't quite forgive Akito for all the damage that was inflicted onto other characters.
4. The Nogitsune(Teen Wolf): The Nogitsune is a villain that worked so well in part because there was nothing about the Nogitsune that was human at all the Nogitsune was a spirit that only wanted to cause chaos, pain and strife because that what it feed off and that is exactly what the spirit did all block and it had fun causing all that pain and throughout the whole block the characters and the audience was on edge about what the Nogitsune's next move is and if there was even anything they could do to stop it. Another thing that worked really well about the Nogitsune storyline was the fact that it was possessing Stiles which made it hard or in some cases impossible for the other characters to fight it since they didn't want to hurt someone who is a friend to them and this is something that the Nogitsune definitely took advantage of.
5. Seishirou Sakurazuka(Tokyo Babylon and X/1999): Seishirou is a true sociopath who is actually quite fun to read about but he isn't someone who truly feels and while he has killed plenty of people it's never been something he either likes or dislikes but rather something he does because he doesn't see any one person differently from every other person in the world. Seishirou has killed and harmed many people but the thing that made him such an interesting character was the complete lack of any type of emotion he experienced from anything and this is also what led to his relationship with Subaru being so interesting because Subaru was the only thing/person he ever showed any type of interested in. The type of interest that Seishirou showed towards Subaru was of course terribly unhealthy not to mention downright scary especially since in the end all that it was clear that Seishirou felt was obsession and that only led to Subaru having his life being completely destroyed by Seishirou.
6. Voldemort(Harry Potter):Voldemort is probably one of the best known villains of all time and I feel like my list wouldn't be complete without having him on it. I feel like everything that can be said about him has already been said better by someone else so I'm just going to say that he always did a good job of remaining a threat throughout all seven books which is something that I find quite impressive since we don't actually get to see him all that often but when we do he leaves an impression.
7. Min Joon-gook(I Hear Your Voice): Min Joon-gook is the character that really does drive the plot of this series by being a constant threat to the safety of the leads. This character is one that proves right from the start by killing one character and attempting to kill two more in his very first episode and it's clear from the beginning that he intends to make good on his promise to kill Hye-sung. Joon-gook proves himself throughout the series to be a very smart villain who is able to fool pretty much everyone and honestly I think he was able to use Soo-ha's ability to read minds to his advantage because he did a damn good job of making Soo-ha look crazy while he made himself look a helpless victim when the truth was their roles were flipped. The thing I think that made Min Joon-gook such an interesting villain was that the show managed to make me feel a little bit of sympathy for him in the end even though I all I wanted to do was think of him as a monster the show made me see him a broken somewhat pathetic human being and that might be the scariest thing of all about him.
8. Jamie Moriarty(Elementary): Jamie Moriarty was a character that Elementary did a very good job of setting up this character was one that was believed to be two very different people to Sherlock and when it was revealed that they were one in the same it was surprising in the best way and made her character all the more interesting. The character was someone who was very smart and interesting to watch and one I wouldn't returning to the show since I'm still interested in learning more.
9. Lilah Morgan(Angel): Lilah was one of the lawyers of Wolfram and Hart the evil law firm that served as the series main villains and Lilah was my favorite character from the group of villains. The thing about Lilah is that she is unapologetically evil and I love her for that and I love that while she's clear someone that is dangerous who don't see her physically fighting very often which is pretty vary for a show like this. Lilah is a villainous character I just enjoy more than anything else.
10. Lee Jin-pyo(City Hunter): Jin-pyo is the type of villain that it was easy to sympathies with him at first because he was someone who was truly wronged and he was right to want revenge against those who betrayed him it was just his methods that made him villain more than anything else. Jin-pyo was a man that was devoted more to bloody revenge than past wrongs being righted and this led him to causing harm to people who didn't wrong him but by that point he no longer cared about justice or moral high ground. The thing that Jin-pyo does that are the worst in the series is how he treated Yoon-sung as a weapon in his vengeance plans and how he threatened Yoon-sung with the safety of his loved ones every time he strayed from his plans.


  1. Back when I use to watch Vampire Diaries, Katherine was my FAVORITE!!! She was amazing! I usually don't like the "bad guy," but I liked her WAY better than Elena!
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

  2. Voldemort is a great choice! I still haven't read Vampire Diaries, but I'm looking forward to it! I'm excited to know there's a good villain in the books! Happy reading! :D