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TV Review: How To Get Away With Murder: What Did We Do?(2.09)

                      How To Get Away With Murder: What Did We Do?(2.09)Review
  • The flash forward from this episode was just Annalise getting shot and the fact that it will happen in only fourteen hours tells you how much is going to happen in this episode.
  • I liked that Michaela called Connor over to help her decide what she should do about the gun and I liked that Connor just told her and Caleb that she should call Annalise since she's Caleb's lawyer. I liked that when Michaela mentioned that Annalise knowing about the gun makes it so she has to report it into evidence and I liked that Connor was not okay with Michaela putting him into the position were he has to hide evidence.
  • I liked that Annalise with Frank, Laurel and Wes were talking about what to do about Catherine's painting and whether or not they should get rid of it and liked that Wes pointed out that they don't know if that's the only thing that links Catherine and Philip together. I liked that Annalise decides against getting rid of the painting and that she feels like she just needs to talk to Catherine about it.
  • I like that Michaela and Caleb seem to be on team lets get rid of the gun Caleb obviously more so since he wants to protect his sister and I like that Connor doesn't want to get rid of it because he's not sure if Caleb and Catherine aren't guilty so he doesn't want to get involved in helping them over up evidence.
  • I'm worried about were Catherine ran off to after she discovered that Caleb, Michaela and Connor found the gun and what she's going to do now.
  • I liked that when Annalise came over to talk to Caleb, Michaela and Connor about Catherine running away and the murder weapon they found that she said that they should've called her and that Connor tells her that he wanted to call her.
  • I really disliked how Sinclair went after Nate again and this time was yes over something that he actually did but it still annoying how often she has went after him this season simply because he's close to Annalise.
  • I found it interesting that Annalise can no longer represent both Caleb and Catherine because it is looking like Catherine is the one that killed their parents either by herself or with Philip so it's a conflict of interest for Annalise to represent both of them.
  • I was sad for Asher when it was revealed that his dad has committed suicide because of the things that Sinclair leaked about him.
  • I felt really bad for Asher when his mom was blaming his dad's death on him and saying that he choose Annalise over his father which is not even what happened and I felt even sadder for him when we saw him breakdown in his car.
  • I liked that when Bonnie said it was there fault that Asher's dad died that Frank said he was dead because he hung himself and that Annalise sold his dirty secrets but she didn't make him corrupt in the first place which is true but I understand why Bonnie feels responsible for it none the less.
  • I liked that Bonnie said that they've reached the point where there not the people who needed to be protected but the kind of people that people need to be protected from.
  • I liked that Caleb was leaving Catherine a voicemail begging her to come home even if she's mad at him.
  • I liked that Michaela asked if anyone has called Asher and that Connor asked what would they even say sorry your dad was so shady he needy to off himself and that Wes said that they could just say sorry.
  • I liked that when Connor revealed that Michaela slept with Caleb the night before that Laurel started freaking out about it.
  • I liked that when Michaela decided that she was going to call Asher that she realized that not one of them has Asher's number and she calls them the worst people ever.
  • I liked that Annalise was feeling guilty after she realized that Asher father killed himself.
  • I liked that Annalise claimed to have  invited Sinclair over so that she could tell her the evidence they found on Catherine since she's now only representing Caleb. I also liked that she made Caleb leave and that Michaela stayed so that she could keep him updated on what was going on.
  • I was surprised to find out that Annalise knew that Sinclair was dead and that she told Bonnie to come over to the Hapstall house in order to find a way to cover things up.
  • I liked that Nate was able to keep his job by filing a racial discrimination suit against Sinclair.
  • After all the awful things Sinclair did this season especially involving Asher I can understand why he wanted her dead and I can't really blame him for killing her and it sounds like Annalise doesn't either. Even though I think Sinclair brought things on herself I did like that Asher did feel right after he realized what he had done.
  • I liked that Asher called Bonnie after he ran over Sinclair and I liked that Asher actually hoped that Sinclair was still alive and that all they needed to do was call an ambulance.
  • I liked that Asher wanted to call the police right away and I liked that Bonnie told him not to do anything and to just do what she tells him to do.
  • I'm wondering if Philip being released from jail is going to be something that Annalise is going to use later on.
  • I liked that Bonnie called Annalise and asked her what she should do about Asher killing Sinclair.
  • I liked that when Annalise told them they were going to help her cover up Sinclair's death that Asher caused that Connor at first refused to help and tried to walk away but then Annalise revealed that it was Wes, Laurel, Connor and Michaela that really killed Sam and that they have been covering it up and now they were going to do the same thing for Asher.
  • I feel bad for Catherine who is going to be framed for killing Sinclair and I liked that they seemed reluctant to go through with this plan because they don't know she's even guilty of killing her parents yet and Annalise is just throwing what happened with Sam back in their faces in order to get them to do as she wants.
  • I liked that Connor pointed out that the story that Annalise is telling them about what the cover up is doesn't make sense and that Annalise tells them that's the point it's suppose to be chaos and it's the job of investigators to make sense of what happened here.
  • I liked that Wes found out that Annalise was doing the cover up she's doing in order to protect Nate because he blew up at Sinclair earlier that day and I liked that Wes called Nate to tell him how Annalise was going crazy trying to protect him.
  • I liked that Connor refused to help once they got Sinclair to the roof and told Bonnie that she's the same as Annalise and he just can't do this and I liked that Michaela also left after saying that she's not doing this again.
  • I like that Laurel wants to throw the gun in the pool in order to destroy all the evidence and I liked that Wes told Laurel not to and that he called Nate and to wait for him so that he can tell them what they should do.
  • I liked that Connor wanted to leave and go to the police because of how things worked out last time and how he doesn't want to go through it again.
  • I liked but also found it a bit scary when Bonnie told Connor that if he tried to stray from the plan again she'll kill him and then she took the gun from Wes.
  • I liked that Asher is worried that their cover up won't hide what he did to Sinclair and I like that Bonnie just wants to take care of him.
  • I liked that Bonnie was concerned when Annalise told her to leave the gun here even though it needs to be Catherine.
  • I liked that Asher asked Bonnie if staging a crime scene ever actually works because it shouldn't and she tells him it does sometimes.
  • I liked that everyone has come to the conclusion that the cover up won't work and I like that even though Annalise has come to that conclusion that she refuses to give up on her plan and instead calls the police and tells someone to shoot her so that they could sell their story.
  • I liked that Annalise first tried to get Connor to shoot her because she knows he hates her and she tells him that she ruined his life and that she'll ruin Oliver's too and I like that Connor completely refused until she started threatening Oliver. I liked that when Connor had the gun aimed at Annalise that Michaela stood in front of Annalise and begged Connor not to do it and he didn't but he does tell her he hates her before leaving.
  • I like that Annalise then begs Michaela to do it and she tells Annalise no and that she's going to call 911 and tell them that she's fine before she too runs out the door and yells for Connor not to leave without her.
  • I liked that when Annalise first tell Wes to do it and to just shoot her in leg and she assures him she'll be fine that he tells her no and that he called Nate so that he could help them with things.
  • I liked that when Annalise told Laurel to do it because she always does what's best for them and she always protects them that Laurel tells Annalise that maybe they deserve to go to jail.
  • I liked that Wes and Laurel were going to leave Annalise like Connor and Michaela did until Annalise told Wes that Rebecca is dead and she has been for months and she has known that she was dead for months. I can understand why Wes finally caved and shot her and even shot her in the stomach instead of her leg but I'm also really glad that he stopped himself from finishing the job.
  • I'm really interested to see how Annalise was involved in the case of Wes's mother's suicide and why she never revealed this information to him before now.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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