Sunday, September 8, 2019

Top 10 Songs That Hit the Billboard Hot 100 in May 2019

1. Juice-Lizzo: This song is about loving yourself and being completely unapologetic about this fact and there seems to be a side thread about rejecting lame guys. This song is a ton of fun and makes you want to both sing along and dance to it every time that you hear it. Lizzo is brimming with charisma and self confidence throughout which really adds a lot to this already excellent song.
2. What If I Never Get Over You-Lady Antebellum: This song is a duet about two people who have recently gotten out of a relationship with each other and are wondering if they made the right choice because they're worried that they might never get over each other even if they do move on. This song is one that feels like a powerful and heartbreaking song that is fantastically sung and backed up with great instrumentation as well. I especially love the part towards the end of the song when they both start singing what if questions until they're both singing at the same time which I think brings the song to a whole other emotional level.
3.If I Can't Have You-Shawn Mendes: This song is a sweet love song about how nothing matters without the one you love and the song is one that just sounds so happy throughout which makes the song fun to listen to. I like how the song tells a story of Shawn and the girl that means the world to him even though he seems to be trying to get over the girl. Shawn sounds great on this song and the production works perfectly on this song.
4. Youngblood-5 Seconds of Summer: This song seems to be about a couple that has broken up and how both sides seem to be having trouble letting go of each other and the singer seems to be mad at his ex for not fully letting him go even though his equally as guilty to this to the ex. I like how the verses have a sparse production with the singer sadly recalling his break up and the aftermath of it while the choruses have an angrier rock edge where singer calls out his ex for their unclear behavior. I really love the song especially the chorus which really pumps you up.
5. Nightmare-Halsey: This song seems to be about how Halsey has been through bad things and also how she caused a fair bit of it and she's framing both her experience and herself as a nightmare. I really like how she puts nightmare imagery in her lyrics. I like how the verses her singing and the production is soft and quiet while during the chorus both her singing and production is loud and harsh with a rock edge which different from most of her songs and songs that make it on the hot 100 these days which is something I really liked about the songs.
6. Power is Power-SZA, The Weekend and Travis Scott: This song is one that was written for Game of Thrones and I think this song does a good job of covering the themes about the power struggles that are a core part of what made the series great at least the early seasons which is all I have seen so far. The song also has a lot of violent imagery in it lyrics which fits very well for a song about the power struggles in Game of Thrones which often ended in someone's death. All three artists do a great job on this song and the dark production works really well for this song.
7. Wish Wish-DJ Khaled Feat. Cardi B and 21 Savage: First off DJ Khaled is the worst part of the song with him just saying random annoying things at the beginning and end of the song so it makes me mad that he's credited as the lead artist on this song. 21 Savage is fine on this song but the one who owns this song is Cardi B. This song is about Cardi B addressing her haters who it sounds like her judging her more for her sex life than by her music which makes her brutal dissing of them in this song pretty satisfying to hear.
8. All To Myself- Dan+ Shay: This is a simple love song about wanting to keep the one that you love all to yourself and feeling like the two of you don't need anyone else because of how much you love each other. The singing and instruments sound really good on this song and overall the song is just really nice to listen to.
9. Big Ole Freak-Megan Thee Stallion: This song is about Megan thee Stallion is in complete control with a relationship with this guy who might not be able to really handle her but surely wants her. This song is primarily on the list because the hook which is sung just always gets stuck in my head and I really love it.
10. Homicide-Logic Feat. Eminem: This song is one where I'm not exactly sure what it is about but I think it's about calling out the current rap scene and showing how they are both more talent than pretty much all the current popular rappers. This song is mostly on the list because I'm really impressed by both Logic and Eminem's flows.

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