Sunday, September 8, 2019

Book Review: P.S. I Still Love You

                                               P.S. I Still Love You Review
P.S. I Still Love You is the second book in The To All the Boys I've Loved series and in this book Lara Jean and Peter get back together fairly quickly and they have to get use to what it's like for them to be a real couple now. The first part of the book also deals with Lara Jean dealing with people treating her differently after seeing the video of her and Peter making out in a hot tub. Lara Jean knows that Peter's ex Genevieve is the person who posted the video but Peter thinks that she wouldn't have done that which causes a wedge in their relationship as does Peter continuing to be friends with her after the break up although Lara Jean doesn't tell Peter that she feels this way.

Lara Jean finds out that another boy that she wrote a letter to has recently received it and he writes her a letter back, the boy is named John Ambrose and through out the book he is presented as a better love interest for Lara Jean than Peter is. John Ambrose is the only boy that we learned had a crush on Lara Jean at the same time that she was crushing on him which makes them not going out in eighth grade seem like a missed chance and him being someone that makes Lara Jean happy and relaxed makes him seem like a great match for Lara Jean through out the book. Lara Jean also volunteers at an old folks home through out the book and she develops a friendship with one lady that turns out to be John Ambrose's grandmother which leads to the two of them being set up by her.

Overall I felt a bit frustrated with this book because I knew that Lara Jean and Peter are going to end up together in the end so I don't see the point of this book basically listing all the ways that Peter is wrong for Lara Jean while also listing all the ways that John Ambrose is right for Lara Jean and way better than Peter only for Lara Jean to end up back with Peter in the end anyway. I don't like how this book wanted me to root against it's main ship for the entire book just because its the middle book of a romance series and we need to separate the main couple. I really hope that the movie ends up being better than the book was because this book was no where near as fun to read as the first book was. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

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