Thursday, January 31, 2019

Top 10 Kdramas I Watched in 2018

1. I'm Not a Robot: This series about a guy who has developed a psychosomatic allergy to other humans ends up investing in an extremely life-like robot in order to experience companionship but the robot ends up breaking before he gets to test it out so the girl who the robot is based on has to pretend to be a robot. Our two main characters end up becoming friends under these strange circumstances first and later fall in love with each other it's a very sweet and cute series but there are times when this series can be surprisingly sad as well.
2. Just Between Lovers: In this series our two leads were connected to each other because they were trapped together during a collapse of a shopping mall both our main characters are still dealing with PTSD related to that day although it presents itself in very different ways. Our two main characters end up falling in love and finding ways to over come their trauma together in ways that feel realistic but also optimistic.
3. Solomon's Perjury: This series is about a group of high schoolers who decided to investigate whether or not one of their fellow students killed themselves or if they were murdered, they decide to put on a trial in order to find the truth once it becomes clear that the school doesn't want to look further into the matter. This series does a good job of setting up the mystery and also showing us the many different sides to the important characters in the case which made this a great watch.
4. School 2017: This series that deals with the various issues of various students in one grade at one high school is one that I loved. I thought that most of the characters that were focused on were interesting and had good stories to be told and I liked seeing the various relationships that the students had with each other as well.
5. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo: This show centers around a female weightlifter who is trying to succeed in her dreams of become the best weightlifter but also wants to date and finds it hard reconcile those two parts of herself. I really loved the friends to lovers storyline that the two leads had which was very sweet and allowed the female lead to stay true to herself.
6. Hymn of Death: This drama was both beautifully and tragically romantic with this based on true events forbidden love story that you knew from the start would end in tragedy. The main characters were sympathetic despite the fact that they're relationship with each other is one that is frowned upon by most.
7. Fight My Way: This show was a really fun rom-com about two friends falling in love with each other after years of friendship and failed relationships with other people. This show along with being a good fun romance series also was about people going out and working on achieving their dreams even if it seems impossible for them since making money is more important than getting the job they actually like or if they feel like they're too far behind everyone else that are applying for the jobs they want because they either gave up on their dreams or couldn't afford to work unpaid internships, this aspect of the series was one that was really easy to relate to.
8. What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?: This was a very fun and sweet romance between a very talented secretary and her CEO boss where he did most of the chasing in the early part their relationship which was delightful to watch. I really liked how the characters end up having to figure out how their relationship would have to change once they started dating so that there wasn't too big of a power imbalance in their relationship as lovers. I had some issues with some things regarding a traumatic backstory but overall these issues didn't take much away from how much I loved this series as a whole.
9. Oh My Ghost:  This series was a fun and spooky romantic comedy about a girl who can see ghosts being possessed by a ghost who needs to have sex in order move onto the afterlife and she sets her sights on the other girl's crush/boss to be the one that she does it with. The series has an unconventional premise which makes the series fun and it also gives two female leads who end up working together to achieve what they want in a way that you wouldn't expect. This series can also get a bit dark at times when dealing with how one of are main girls died in the past.
10. The Innocent Man: This series is one that involves a lot of the main characters manipulating each other and playing mind games in order to get what they want which is something I always find is great fun to watch. I also really liked that this story is about revenge and that there is a relationship that starts out based on achieving that goal but then becomes genuine over time. I found that series had a little to much drama involving medical conditions in it's second half but overall really loved this series.

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