Saturday, March 13, 2021

Book Review: Love From A to Z

                                                     Love From A To Z Review 

Love From A To Z is about two teenagers named Zayneb and Adam who both keep journals that record the marvels and oddities that they encounter in their lives despite the two of them living on opposite sides of the world. Zayneb is a Muslim American girl who was suspended because she drew a picture of her islamophobic teacher that her school thought was threatening. Zayneb ends up getting sent on her spring break trip stay with aunt in Doha a week early. Adam is a Chinese Canadian boy who has been living in Doha since elementary school since his dad works at an international school and Adam is returning home for spring break from England where he was going  for his first year of college. Zayneb and Adam first see each other on the plane and both of them feel attracted to each other from the start but Zayneb doesn't think that it can go anywhere since she assumes that Adam isn't Muslim but it turns out that he actually is Muslim since he convert to the religion years ago. Through out the story Zayneb and Adam end up running into each other and finding more reasons to spend time together as their feelings for each other grows. 

In terms of personal journeys Zayneb deals with trying not to get angry about all the injustices in the world but finds it hard since she feels like she can't just stand by and do nothing when she sees that something is wrong she wants to do something to make things right. Zayneb's journey is more about finding a constructive way to deal with her angry that will help get her point across rather than make people view as an angry destructive person. For Adam his story deals with how he has recently been diagnosis with MS and while that is an illness people can live with for years it's one that sees as a death sentence because it was what killed his mom. Adam spends most of the book putting off telling his dad because he doesn't want his dad to fall apart like he did after his mom died which leads to Adam spending far too long dealing with his illness on his own. 

Overall I really loved this book the characters and the relationship that they had with each other were really great and I loved seeing it develop over the course of the book. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below. 

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