Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Top 10 Songs that Hit the Billboard Hot 100 in March 2019

1. Sucker- The Jonas Brothers: This song about appreciating their wives/Fiancee and how their suckers for them is just a really fun pop/rock song that I can't help but adore. This song is one that I just love to listen to over and over again which makes it one of my favorites.
2. Always Remember Us This Way- Lady Gaga: This song is from A Star is Born and while I haven't seen that movie I think this song is about choosing to look back on a relationship by remembering it in a positive way. I love Lady Gaga's passionate performance on this song and I love how this song shows off how incredible and powerful her voice is.
3. Last Hurrah-Bebe Rexha: This song is about someone who is trying to say goodbye to her vices yet again but since she's tried many times and is letting herself have one last weekend of partying it's unclear if she will be able to stop. I really love the lyrics I' ain't going to stop until I go too far last hurrah/ And it's okay maybe tomorrow I won't feel this pain and I'm done with the heartache/I'm done with the demons/Can't wait to be normal right after this weekend. Overall I really love how the production and singing on the Verses sound confessional while on the choruses it sounds more like a partying song which really fits this song.
4. Needy-Ariana Grande: This song about Ariana admitting that she can be too needy and how she both says sorry for being needy and how it must feel great to be needed. This song is one that feels both personal and relatable especially with the lyrics about how she's sorry if she's says sorry too much. The soft production works with this song and Ariana sounds great as usual.
5. Undrunk-Fletcher: This song is about how after getting drunk sometime after a break up a girl is thinking about her ex and she's missing him and she's regretting both that they broke up and how she's been dealing with the break up by having rebounds. This song is pretty detailed and personally which makes the song more interesting. The song's production works pretty well and compliments Fletcher's voice and during the verses the production works well with her voice to build up the emotions of the song until it hits the chorus.
6. Here With Me- Marshmello feat. CHVRCHES: This song seems to be about having this one person here with them makes things better which seems like a positive thing. This song is one I like mostly because I really love the lead singer of CHVRCHES voice and I find the production to be fun so I just keep coming back to this song even though I don't put a lot into why I like it.
7. Don't Call Me Up-Mabel: This song is about getting over a break up by going out to have a good time and telling the guy that she doesn't want to hear from him anymore. This song spins a break up as a positive thing and the song has a fun pop style and Mabel has a good voice which makes the song a good listen.
8. Look What God Gave Her- Thomas Rhett: This song is about how a guy finds this one girl really attractive even though she isn't really trying to be and it's a song that just sounds really fun with it's dance/electronic/pop style production and Thomas Rhett sounds great on this song as well.
9. Faucet Failure- Ski Mask The Slump God: This song is really strange and I'm slightly embarrassed by how much I like it. This is a rap song and I have no idea what it's about but I like that the production feels off kilter and the lyrics for this song are just so odd that you can't help but pay attention to them. Lyrics such as Who's this? He should be in cockpit, uh/ 'Cause I'm flyer than a fuckin' ostrich, uh/My wood, that bitch won't give me polish, uh/ and then there's also lyrics about how he is Faucet Failure because he's got drip and he also mentions Pokémon trainer shit. This song is a fun listen because it's strange and fun.
10. When the Party's Over- Billie Eilish: This song is a somber one that really allows Billie show off her voice and how good she is at conveying her emotions in her music. This song seems to be about how she can't keep someone from leaving her and while she can lie and says she likes it like this it's obvious that it's that is far from the truth of the matter.

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