Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Book Review: Don't I Know You?

                                                     Don't I Know You? Review
Don't I Know You is a book that is about three different loosely connected stories about three different characters in three different years that live in roughly the same area of New York City set between the seventies and eighties. The first story is about Steven a boy who is somewhere between the ages of seven and twelve(it's pretty hard to tell based off of the writing how old he is) who finds that his mother has been murdered and then he has to deal with the aftermath of that. The story only follows Steven's point of view for a week or two after his mother's death and there are no answers given about her murder.

The second of point of view we follow is set several years later and is about a young Chinese woman, Lilly who is working as a school teacher and is to be married to rich European businessman who owns a bunch of buildings. The story leads us to believe for a time that the man Lilly is engaged to may have killed Steven's mother but that turns out not to be true and pretty much nothing happens in her section of the story. The third section of the book is about Louise an elderly woman who suspects that her mentally challenged son may have killed Steven's mother and she is dying of cancer. This section of the book deals with Louise looking back on her life, worrying about what will happened to her son when she dies and Suspecting that he may be a killer. It turns out that her son isn't the one that killed Steven's mother in the end.

This book wasn't really good I felt like there was little to no plot and that the characters were so loosely connected to each other that it didn't really make sense why we need to read about them especially since in the end nothing was resolved. I felt like the book told me a lot of details about who the characters were but failed to established a true personality for any of them which  made this book really boring and kept me from caring about the characters. I also thought that the author is completely incapable of writing children since I could not tell what age Steven was because a lot of his behavior was similar to that of a small child but then it's mentioned that him and his friend smoked pot together, so no idea what age the writer was trying to portray. Overall I didn't like this book there wasn't a really a plot and the characters weren't engaging at all. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

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