Monday, February 22, 2021

Book Review: Girls with Sharp Sticks

                                                Girls with Sharp Sticks Review
Girls with Sharp Sticks is about a group of girls at an elite boarding school that allows very little contact with the outside world and is ran entirely by men despite being an all girls school. The school seems to be more focused on making sure that the girls are prepared to be good obedient wives rather than furthering the girls academic education. The series starts with Mena realizing that one of her classmates is acting odd saying things about how the flowers need to wake up and openly rebelling against one of their guardians which makes Mena curious about what is going on with her. Another thing that causes Mena to question the way in which things are run at the school is when one of her classmates go missing in the middle of the night and no one will tell her what happens to her.

As the book goes on Mena becomes more aware that things are not right at her school after she accidently throw ups the medicine that she was given the night before and finds out that all of her friends can't seem to remember certain events from the night before. Another thing that leads her to question things is her encounters with a local boy who is suspicious of her school who acts differently than she's been taught that men would act around and doesn't seem to except the things that she's been taught that they would. Mena takes it upon herself to find out the school's secrets and to do everything she can to ensure her friends safety which is in a lot more at risk than she ever thought it would be.

Overall I loved this book, this book had an atmosphere that made you worried about the girls safety from very early on and it made you desperately want the characters to learn the truth because even though I wasn't sure what was happening at the school I knew from the start the girls weren't safe there. I really love the friendships between all the girls and I love that they banded together even though the school didn't want them to. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

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