Thursday, April 4, 2019

Book Review: These Broken Stars

                                                       These Broken Stars Review
These Broken Stars is set in a far off future where people live on multiple planets that have been inhabitable for humans and there are space ships that are as big as cities that take the wealthy across the universe in a fairly short amount of time. Tarver is a solider that is from one of the less well off planets but is young and accomplished war hero so he was assigned to travel on Icarus a spaceliner that is one the biggest that holds 50,000 people on it. Tarver ends up meeting Lilac who is the daughter of one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the universe whose company built the Icarus and is in charge of making most planet inhabitable, Lilac and Tarver connect right away but Lilac pretends that she hates him and looks down at him because her father is a tyrant who make sure that any guy that she gets close to ends up dead. The Icarus ends up crashing and Tarver and Lilac end up being the only two people who survive the crash and end up on an abandoned planet.

The planet being abandoned is something that Tarver finds suspicious from the start but he tries not to think about what that might mean and instead focuses on figuring out the best way to insure that both him and Lilac survive. Lilac believes that her father must know where they are and that them being rescued is a given which something that Tarver is unsure about since they have no way to contact anyone to tell them where they are or even send out a signal which leads to them finding a communication device to become a priority. After a few days of being on the planet Lilac starts to hear voices and after awhile it becomes clear that something is strange about this planet in the way that it's able to communicate with Lilac on some psychic level.

While on the planet and away from the rest of civilization Tarver and Lilac get to know each other better and start to admire each others strengths while relying on each other to survive. Once it becomes clear to both of them that they have just been pushing each other away to save face rather than actually disliking or looking down on each other in any real way the two realize that they do love on each other but are unsure if it is a good idea or not to act on those feelings.

Overall this was a good it had an interesting enough plot and the focus on just two characters for the majority of the story lead us to really get to know the two of them pretty well and allowed plenty of room for their relationship to grow. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section down below.

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