Saturday, January 31, 2015

TV Review: How To Get Away with Murder: He Has a Wife(1.08)

                        How To Get Away with Murder: He Has a Wife(1.08)Review
  • I really enjoyed the flashbacks of Rebecca and Lila hanging out and I really loved seeing them as friends.
  • I liked how Keating called Sam out on how much that he lied to her in the past and how she just doesn't trust him at all anymore since he just keeps lying to her.
  • I found the case pretty interesting with the client having had killed her nanny while under the influence of sleeping pills.
  • I liked how the client wasn't sure that she wanted to win her case because she believed that she deserves to be punished for killing someone she loves even if it wasn't really her fault.
  • I liked that this episode showed both Michaela and Connor being worried about exams.
  • I liked that Keating told Wes about Lila being pregnant because she had learned not to lie to him but I disliked that she told him not to tell Rebecca about this. I liked that Wes did tell Rebecca right away about it.
  • I thought that Rebecca was pretty adorable when she went over to the house and pretended to look for her gloves.
  • I was very surprised when it was revealed that the client's teenage son was sleeping with nanny and I thought it was pretty unfair of Keating to blame everyone else around her for not figuring it out sooner since this wasn't the kind of thing anyone would think to ask about in the first place.
  • I liked how Connor set up a study group with Wes and Laurel for himself.
  • I liked that Asher after seeing Keating take out her frustrations on Bonnie a few times he tells her that it wasn't fair to her and that she's great.
  • I felt bad for Keating when she was blaming herself for all of Sam's bad actions and I'm glad that Sam at least admitted he was the one at fault in their relationship.
  • I was really surprised when it turned out that the nanny was also sleeping with the client's husband and that he was the one that killed the nanny and then tried to frame his wife for the crime.
  • I felt bad for Michaela when she was pretty much forced by Aiden's mother to sign the prenub and she was also called a gold digger more or less.
  • I was surprised to learn that Bonnie had actually met Lila the night she died but she hadn't mentioned it until now because she couldn't believe that Sam could have killed her but she does now.
  • I liked that Bonnie told Keating everything that she knew about Sam and I disliked that Keating fired her after this while Bonnie begged her not to on her hands and knees.
  • I liked that it was revealed that Nate wanted Rebecca to copy the files from Sam's phone onto a hard drive.
  • I liked how after finding out that Rebecca was doing stuff without telling him about it that Wes was upset and told her that he tells her everything even stuff he never tells anyone else.
  • I liked how Connor awkwardly walked in on Wes and Rebecca's fight.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Michaela stole the trophy from Asher that night.
  • I liked that Wes figured out that where Rebecca was going and how he's getting Connor and Laurel involved in things.
  • I like that Keating is making sure that she'll find out if Lila's baby is Sam's or not.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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