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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Ghosted(6.06)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Ghosted(6.06)Review
  • I found it interesting that Lydia seemed be enter Cannan in her mind through a mirror and that she was shown Cannan on the day that the ghost riders came through and made the town a ghost town.
  • I liked that now that Scott has heard Stiles voice that he's sure of who Stiles is even if he doesn't remember him and I liked that he told the Sheriff about Stiles contact them and Stiles being the Sheriff's son but I was sad that the Sheriff refuses to believe him.
  • I like that Malia tried to research about Cannan before they went there and I liked that Lydia pointed out that all they really needed to know was where is was.
  • I'm worried about Chris since he seems to have been infected by the ghost riders whips and there doesn't seem to be any safe way to get rid of the infections.
  • I like that Scott, Lydia and Malia are all going to Cannan to try and figure out why Stiles sent them there. I like that Scott and Malia point of that there doesn't seem to be any other living people in town other than themselves.
  • I find it creepy how the town of Cannan seems look the same as it did the day that the ghost riders ran through town.
  • I find it creepy and sad how Malia  hallucinated the bodies of her adopted mother and sister and that she then hallucinated Theo shooting her and their bodies trying to drag into the ground with them.
  • I find it interesting that Liam and Hayden are going to be working with the new teacher who is obviously up to no good on how to stop the ghost riders from taking any more people.
  • I thought the hallucination that Scott had about his mom with a hole in the back of her head to be quite frightening.
  • I like that Melissa is saving Chris's life using herbs because he told that conventional medicine would end up killing him.
  • I find the one lady that has been left in Cannan to be somewhat frightening since she seems to be very powerful but absolutely refuses to accept the reality of the ghost riders situation and refuses to let them leave.
  • I think that Liam's idea of getting Theo back in order to use him absorb lightening in order to try and control where the ghost riders go is a bad idea because Theo is not someone they can trust at all.
  • I liked how Melissa pointed out that Chris doesn't call anyone by a nick name and that he also goes by his last name, I just found the moment funny.
  • I found it freaky how Lenora seems to have somewhat brought an image of her dead son into her home.
  • I like that Lydia does her best to try and reason with Lenora in order to figure out what she knows about the ghost riders and how she's still there and that she discovers that she's a banshee which tells us a lot about Lydia's potential to be powerful.
  • I liked that Noshiko gave Liam Kira's sword so that he could release Theo not because she agreed with his choice but that she felt like Kira would want to help her friends any way she could if she was here.
  • I found it scary how it seemed that the little boy is actually a very real threat to Scott and Malia even though he shouldn't be since he is also powerful.
  • I find it interesting that it seemed like Lenora's son was brought back by the ghost riders and I have to wonder why that happened.
  • I didn't think that Liam did a good job at negotiating with Theo since he promised Theo that he could kill anyone he wanted if he helped them which is something you should never promise.
  • I find it interesting that Theo knows stuff about the wild hunt and him still having memories of Stiles could be helpful even if they can't trust him.
  • I found it scary how the little boy tried to make Scott and Malia drowned just like he did in order to keep them with him.
  • I like that Lydia was able to get through to Lenora enough to get her to accept reality and tell her what she knew and I'm glad that she let them leave but I was sad that she couldn't leave her son even though she knows he isn't real now.
  • I find it interesting that Theo pointed out that the ghost riders usually don't stay this long and that the only reason they would is because they are stuck for some reason.
  • I find it interesting and creepy that the people who are taken by ghost rider become ghost riders after the ghost riders leave town and then they disappear for good.
  • I like that Scott is upset that Liam brought Theo back because who wouldn't be.
  • I feel bad for Lydia when she worries that she'll be left all alone like Lenora was.
  • I like that while Scott restrains himself from attacking Theo that Malia shows no such restraint and goes to attack him.
  • I'm very curious about what the Sheriff found behind the wallpaper since he looked shocked by whatever he found.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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