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TV Review: Timeless: Karma Chameleon(1.13)

                                         Timeless: Karma Chameleon(1.13)Review
  • I like that Wyatt comes over to tell Lucy that him and Rufus are going to steal the time machine to save his wife and I like that she wants to help him and I like that he won't let her come with because he wants to protect the deal she has to get her sister back.
  • I like that Wyatt is pretending to take Rufus hostage because he wants to make sure that he doesn't get in trouble for helping him.
  • I find it interesting that Ritten House could use the time machine to destroy reality itself and I like that both Emma and Anthony think that destroying both time machines is the safest plan of action.
  • I like that Wyatt actually did do quite a bit of research before going back in time and that his plan is to make sure the killers parents never meet and I like the Rufus calls the plan reverse Back to the Future because it kind of is.
  • I kind of like that things in plan keeps getting messed up because of small details that Wyatt missed while doing his research.
  • I liked that after they bring Lucy in for questioning that Agent Christopher tells Lucy that she doesn't believe that Rufus is really a hostage and I like that she says she knows that Lucy is also in on it. I like that Lucy tells her that she completely understands where Wyatt is coming from and that she's surprised that he hasn't done something like this sooner.
  • I liked that when Wyatt was worrying about them not being able to prevent the killers parents from hooking up that Rufus pointed out that they survived The Alamo so making sure two people didn't hook up should be easy compared to that.
  • I find it a bit odd how both of the killer's parents seem like their good people which is something that makes, making sure that they don't hook up a whole lot harder.
  • I like that Anthony called looking for Rufus in order to tell him about Ritten House's plans for the time machine because he wants to have both machines destroyed and that he settles for talking with Lucy because she's the only one there he could trust with that information.
  • I like how Jiya is upset that Rufus didn't tell her that he was leaving and I like that she says that when someone really loves you they tell you these sorts of things and I liked that she then asked Lucy how she found out about Wyatt and Rufus going out and then Lucy tells her that Wyatt told her beforehand.
  • I like that Anthony is going to go against Flynn and destroy the time machine in order to make sure that Ritten House can't screw things up even more.
  • I like that Wyatt becomes more and more desperate as his plan keeps hitting roadblocks and as he becomes more desperate his plans just fails apart even quicker.
  • I like that Lucy and Agent Christopher agree to destroy their time machine once they get Lucy's sister back.
  • I was surprised to learn that Lucy's father is definitely the man from Ritten House that Mason was meeting with.
  • I find it sad that even though Wyatt didn't mean to he still ended up killing the killer's father even though that wasn't his intention and he didn't deserve that.
  • I find it sad that Wyatt says that Jessica would hate it if she knew what he just did and he doesn't know how he'll be able to look her in the eye.
  • I found it so sad when it turned out that Jessica wasn't saved although the two other women that the killer killed were and I found it so sad how Wyatt just couldn't accept that this could possibly be true because how could he possibly accept that everything he just did and risked was all for nothing. That he got an innocent man killed and got arrested and it still didn't save his wife.
  • I was sad that Anthony was killed for trying to do the right thing and destroy the time machine but I'm glad that they're at least going to tell his family that he died a hero.
  • I liked that Lucy confronted her father and I liked that he did actually want to be apart of her life and I liked that she didn't care about any of that she just cared about how he's part of Ritten House and how she believes what they do is inhuman. I found it odd that her father told her that Ritten House is something that is in your blood because that doesn't seem like something that could be true.
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