Monday, May 15, 2017

TV Review: Notorious: Choice(1.09)

                                                Notorious: Choice(1.09)Review
  • I liked that the small fight that Julia and Jake had at the end of last episode was resolved at the beginning of this episode and they were back to working together.
  • I liked a guard told Maya not to watch the news because it's never good after seeing her watching the DA on Julia's show calling her a killer, I just like that the guard actually seemed to care about her.
  • I think that Louise going to interview a drug trafficker in Mexico is  a bad idea because he could easily get her killed.
  • I like that Jake had Dana come back on Julia's show in order to weaken the motive that Maya would have to kill her boyfriend and I like that Julia and Dana had to make up before she went back on the show.
  • I felt bad for Maya when she tried to kill herself but I think it ended up helping her case because one of her roommates wanted to change her statement and it was revealed that other roommate was fighting with the victim over the bling ring.
  • I really think it's a bad idea that Julia and Louise are going to interview the drug trafficker after their boss said that it was too dangerous to go on the interview.
  • I like that the DA doesn't want to let Julia go interview the drug trafficker without her taking some back up which isn't a bad idea at all.
  • I disliked that the network head wants Dana to guest host the show because he wants to get back at Louise for going on the interview after he told her not to go on it.
  • I disliked that Ryan kept trying to make Ella move when it was pretty clear she didn't want to move but I was glad they made up by the end of the episode.  
  • I like that Jake is using Dana hosting the show in order to establish that one of the roommates is the killer rather than her daughter.
  • I was surprised when Dana confessed to being the killer when blaming the other roommates during the interview didn't go well.
  • I liked that Jake offered to be Dana's lawyer after she confessed to murder and that she didn't want her to help him she just wanted her daughter to be released.
  • I was so not surprised when things went bad with the drug trafficker interview because it was so obvious that things would go bad sooner or later.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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