Friday, May 26, 2017

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Biltzkrleg(6.08)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Biltzkrleg(6.08)Review
  • I was surprised that the teacher seems to be an immortal werewolf who was a Nazi and wanted to use the ghost riders as soldiers in WWII, that is something I didn't think this show would do.
  • I liked the scene when the Sheriff is sitting in Stiles room with his lacrosse jersey and then red string and tacks appears to him and he starts pinning the string around the room and then all of Stiles old things appear and this means that the Sheriff surely believes that Stiles is real.
  • I liked that Scott and the others plan for Scott to bite Stiles to get him through the rift and I like that their plan is to get Stiles back so that he can come up with a plan and I liked that Malia pointed out that Stiles is good at these type of things.
  • I liked that Peter said that he liked the part of the plan where they turn Stiles but the rest it not so much. I liked that when Malia said that Peter promised to help he points out that he didn't promise to help her get herself killed like this plan can easily do and I like that Peter also acknowledge that Scott has a flair for beating the odds but he just thinks their impossible this time.
  • I was a bit surprised to learn that pretty all of Beacon Hills is empty now because while I knew that a lot of people were taken I didn't think it was almost the entire town. I like that Liam, Hayden and Mason are staying behind in order to make sure that not all of Beacon Hills is empty.
  • I was sad for Mason when all he could find of Cory was his phone but I was glad that Mason could at least remember Cory which might make bring him back a bit easier.
  • I liked Scott, Lydia and Malia were able to find the rift underground.
  • I have mixed feelings about Liam agree to break the sword in order to get information about the teacher from Theo because that sword is Kira's not Liam so I feel like it isn't his decision to break it but I don't think Theo has a scheme at the moment and I believe he just doesn't want to go back to hell.
  • I was surprised to learn that the teacher is part wolf part lion because that's yet another new supernatural creature. I don't understand why the teacher wants his own personal army but I know that it can be for nothing good.
  • I was sad that the teacher had both Chris and Melissa disappeared once he no longer needed them.
  • I was sad that Mason was taken by the ghost riders but I liked that Liam and Hayden did their best to fight them afterwards and I was sad when Hayden gave herself up to ghost riders when it looked like both of them could be taken she made sure that Liam could escape so that he can tell Scott what they learned and rescue her and the others later, I really liked the amount of trust that Hayden had to put in Liam.
  • I liked the Sheriff showed Claudia Stiles room and I liked that when he was telling her about what he discovered that it's clear that he remembers Stiles and what he was like, since Claudia is only here to fill a void she of course can't see anything and makes everything disappear when she walks into the room.
  • I liked that when the teacher purpose that they work together that together because they all wanted the same thing, I liked that Lydia considered it, that Malia just said that he was the bad guy so trusting him is a bad idea and I liked that Scott was considering it but I wasn't sure that he could trust someone who is a murder since he might kill someone again. I like that Liam showed up and told them about the teacher's true intentions before they made any sort of deal with him.
  • I was sad that the teacher was able to get through the rift using Parrish and that the pack wasn't able to follow him through.
  • It was sad seeing the Sheriff come to terms that his wife really did die years ago and that the woman in front of him isn't really and I liked how he told her about her last good day and how when he ended the story by telling her that he knew she was gone when she closed her eyes and then the fake version of her was gone as well.
  • I liked that Scott and Malia stayed behind to fight the ghost riders so that Lydia and Liam could leave and I liked how much they looked out for one another, I also liked that it was confirmed that the ghost riders are now more interested in killing people than taking them which explains why they're no longer using their memories of the person after their taken.
  • I liked that Peter sacrificed himself in order to save Malia and Scott from the ghost riders.
  • I liked that it seems that the ghost riders are afraid of Lydia which may help them in the future.
  • I thought it was sad how Scott kept trying to call his mom but it kept saying her number was disconnected.
  • I liked that when things were looking hopeless that the Sheriff came over and told him that he remembers Stiles and that a rift opened when he remembered him and I like that the new plan is to remember Stiles and open the rift that comes when someone does that.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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