Friday, May 12, 2017

Movie Review: Nerve

                                                                   Nerve Review
Nerve is a movie about Vee(Emma Roberts) a high school senior who has lived her life not taking risks no matter how much she wanted to take them and she has this friend Sydney(Emily Meade) who unlike Vee is a risk taker and she is playing this online game called Nerve. Nerve is a game that use the information from your social media accounts to give you dares that you have to complete in order to win money and sometimes these games can be fairly dangerous. Sydney tries to convince Vee to take a chance with her life by talking to her long time crush but when Vee refuses Sydney tells the guy that Vee has a crush on her and he rejects Vee without even talking to her, Vee feels humiliated and her and Sydney get into a fight.

After the fight with Sydney, Vee ends up signing up to play Nerve to prove that she can be someone who takes risks and for her first dare Vee is asked to kiss a stranger. The stranger that Vee ends up kissing is Ian(Dave Franco) who is a fellow Nerve player and since the watchers enjoyed seeing them together Vee is dared to go to the city with Ian and after some reluctance on Vee's part she goes with him. From then on Vee and Ian end up doing their dares together and although Vee is clearly out of her comfort zone the two of them are clearly having a good time together and they seem to be developing feelings for each other. Things seem to be going well until Vee discovers the darker sides of the game when she tries to tell the police about the game and ends up becoming a prisoner of the game and she learns the only way to get her life back is to win the game.

Overall I really liked this movie I thought that it had a good plot and I really liked the way that set up the game as something that could be seen as both fun and dangerous. I also thought that the characters were pretty good to and I liked that they were easy to root for which is always a good thing. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

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