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TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: Something Bad Happened(2.13)

              How to Get Away With Murder: Something Bad Happened(2.13)Review
  • I liked that Wes went to the therapist to talk over what he discovered about his mother and that he hopes that she can help him uncover the memories of what happened during the time leading up to his mother's death.
  • I understand why Laurel believes that Annalise is covering up that he killed his mother but I also think that what Annalise said could just as likely be true with some idiot cop just suspecting Wes briefly before they moved onto suicide.
  • I was surprised that the lawyer dealing with Wes's mother for being an illegal immigrant turned out to be Eve.
  • I like that Laurel told Wes that he should come over to the house regardless of his relationship with Annalise because of the thing with Philip.
  • I'm glad that Laurel is holding firm with telling Frank that she doesn't want anything to do with him after what he told her about Lila.
  • I liked that Annalise told her students that she lies to her clients in every case because she finds that it's the smart thing to do because often times clients make stupid decisions when given too much information.
  • I liked that Annalise is using the evidence that could lead the FBI to finding Philip in order to get immunity for her and her students and to get rid of their Phillip problem.
  • I'm not all that surprised to find out that Eve is in town because Annalise asked her to and that the only reason that she was going after Wes's mother for her immigration status was to get her to testify.
  • I'm glad that when the DA decided to get a search warrant for Annalise's house rather than give her immunity that Nate called her before the search warrant was signed and made sure that the rest of her team found out about it before it was signed. I liked that they made it seem like the search warrant had already been signed so that when the cops started searching the house before it was signed it made all the evidence that was gathered in said search fruit of the poisonous tree and I liked that Annalise used the threat that she could sue the DA for that to get her the immunity she wanted.
  • I understand why Wes doesn't feel like he can trust Laurel anymore after she told Annalise about the two of them trying to find out the truth about his mother but I really do think that she's just trying to look out for him.
  • I like that Laurel, Michaela, Connor and Oliver are all sleeping over at Asher's house because he's the only one that Philip doesn't seem to know about.
  • I like that when Oliver hears that Wes isn't coming that he says he didn't know that they could've opted out and I like that Connor said he doesn't get that choice because Connor isn't going to let him be murdered.
  • I liked that Oliver asked Laurel if they were in real danger since she's the calmest one there and that when she says yes he tells Connor maybe he's right about Standford.
  • I liked that Frank and Bonnie went out to have drinks together and mentioned that they had better lives before they met the study group.
  • I liked that Michaela told Connor that he wouldn't get into Standford and I liked that she then told Connor that she couldn't survive all this without him and I liked that he then told her that he wouldn't get in, I like that these two are very close to each other but they cover it up by acting like they don't really care.
  • I liked that Wes decided to go over to Annalise's house and ask her about the case involving his mother but sadly she wasn't home and he found the report that labeled him a suspect in his mother's death.
  • I like that Annalise tells everyone that the DA is going to go after them but as long as they keep quiet they all should be alright.
  • I feel bad for Wes now that he's convinced that he killed his mother in fugue state and forgot about it but I'm glad that the therapist is telling him that the memory he had about standing over his mom with a knife is one that his brain could've easily made up because of the report that he read.
  • I like that the therapist keeps convincing Wes that it's more likely that he didn't kill his mother than that he didn't.
  • I'm weirdly glad that Wes's mother was drove to suicide by the case because I'm just glad that Wes didn't kill her but I'm mad that Annalise just let Wes walk in on his dying mother when she could have prevented him from seeing that.
  • I found it scary that Philip turned out to be hiding in Wes's apartment when Annalise came over to talk to Wes but I'm worried about Annalise but I'm glad that Wes is safe at least.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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