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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Heartless(6.07)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Heartless(6.07)Review
  • I liked that they showed that when Theo was in Hell his sister would chase him down and rip out his heart because that's what he essentially did to her and that this happened to him over and over again since this karmic punishment for his first evil deed.
  • I like that Malia was ready to kill Theo after she saw him and I liked that she only stopped because Scott and Liam pulled her off of him.
  • I like that Scott wants to send Theo back because Theo isn't someone they can trust considering how he got into everyone's head last season and killed a bunch of people including Scott himself.
  • I like that when Malia asked Hayden if she could deal have a moment alone with Theo and Hayden asked why that Malia answered honestly by saying so she could kill him.
  • I like that Scott doesn't feel like they can afford to make mistakes at the moment because he needs to get Stiles back and I like that Scott can now at least remember how much Stiles means to him.
  • I like that Liam is able to convince Scott that they can use Theo's knowledge of the wild hunt in order to get Stiles and the other's back and I like that Scott does Liam even if he doesn't trust Liam's plan.
  • I like that Theo doesn't want to help until Malia promised not to kill him and I like that she refuses to promise not to kill him.
  • I like that the Sheriff found Stiles room and although it's empty I like that finding a hidden room that was sealed off is something that makes him believe that it's possible that he had a son but I dislike that Claudia keeps telling him not think of this types of things.
  • I kind of like that Theo is telling Liam and Hayden that there plan to catch a ghost rider is a bad plan because he's right that so many things could go wrong when trying to catch one of them. On the other hand I like that Hayden is telling Liam that his plan is risky but that it's also a good one.
  • I like that after the plan is explained that Scott says it sounds like the best idea they have but I also like that Theo, Hayden and Mason all then pointed out the ways that this plan could fail.
  • I like that Malia plans to use Peter in order to find out what he knows about the wild hunt and I like that she uses Melissa to make Peter well enough so that he can help them.
  • I liked that when Melissa told Malia that what she will be doing could kill Peter that Malia said so what he's already dying and I like that Peter respond by telling them he could hear them and that they didn't really care.
  • I like that when Melissa and Malia were holding Peter up when they went to the elevator that they both drop him when Peter mentioned that him and Melissa never went on a second date.
  • I liked that when Lydia was laying in her bed and her mom asked her what she was thinking of that she told her mom about the dead little boy she met in Cannan that was conquered to fill a void and I like that this made Lydia start to think that Claudia is their to fill a void for the Sheriff.
  • I liked that although Natalie is skeptical of how true what Lydia is saying is that she tells Lydia that if what she's saying is true she shouldn't want to be the one to break the news to the Sheriff about his wife not being real.
  • I was surprised that the plan to catch the ghost rider actually worked and I liked that Scott actually took the gun away from the ghost rider before they locked him up.
  • I like that after discovering the room that the Sheriff invited Lydia over in order to discuss the possibility of him having a son he doesn't remember.
  • I kind of like that a flaw in their catching a ghost rider plan was that they can't communicate with the ghost rider.
  • I like that Mason is always able to tell were Cory is even when he is invisible, I just find it oddly sweet.
  • I like that Mason figured out that Parrish would be able to communicate with the ghost rider so they invite him to help them out.
  • I liked that Lydia tells the Sheriff that he's afraid to remember that he has a son and I like that after Lydia tells the Sheriff that the reason it's important that he remembers Stiles is because he loved him that he's able to see the lacrosse jersey that Lydia was holding but that he couldn't see earlier.  
  • I like that Peter actually tried to get Malia to leave town because although he is still telling her to ditch everyone she loves he actually is trying to look out for her in his own selfish way.
  •  I liked that Malia absolutely refuses to leave until she gets Stiles back and I liked that Peter remarked that she has no self preservation instincts and wonders how she's his daughter.
  • I find it both scary and sad that the ghost riders have no desires other then to continue the hunt for no other reason other than that is what their meant to do.
  • I was surprised that the ghost rider seemed able to force Parrish to help break him out although luckily Scott and Liam were able to stop him from escaping.
  • I found it interesting and frightening that Theo knows who and what the new creepy teacher really is and I actually felt bad for Theo when he forced him to break the barrier so that he could get to the ghost rider.
  • I found it surprising and a little frightening that the teacher was able to hold his own against the ghost rider.
  • I liked and was surprised that Peter was willing to give himself up to the ghost riders for a second time in order to save Malia.
  • I was surprised that the teacher was able to kill the ghost rider and that after he did the other ghost riders just left.
  • I was glad that Theo wasn't sent back because of what the teacher did because while I dislike Theo I don't want him to be punished for other people's bad deeds.
  • I'm sad that the teacher using the ghost rider's whip made Cory disappeared and I hope that they'll be able to get him back with all the people who were taken by the ghost riders.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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